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Do you enjoy getting ahead start on your weekly meal prep? Or thinking about starting? If so you are in the right place. Today I tackle a meal prep that you and …

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  1. Nice video. I’ve subscribed to your channel as a supporter. ❤️ please support me as well by checking out my account! Much love ❤️🙏🏻 let’s grow together !

  2. Loved this meal prep love!!🤗 one thing I need to work on this year is meal prepping 😬 everything looked so delicious 🤤 lazy lasagna, the breakfast muffins & peanut 🥜 butter treats were my favorite!!! Thank so much for sharing! Wishing you a wonderful weekend! xoxo 💋

  3. ohhh the intro already has me intrigued =) The sauce you made for the stew looks amazing. I really want to start meal prepping and planning as well so this was very motivating. I love having chopped up onion too. I normally put it in the freezer and it cooks just fine when I take it out to use it. The lazy lasagna, YUMMMMMM!!!! I'm going to have to try that. Maybe I can find GF ravioli. I need to prep fruit too. Love glass bowls too. I've been eating been burritos too during the week, I saw a documentary about it. I'll have to tell you about it. The desert was amazing. This was an awesome video Susy, I loved it! Have a great weekend.

  4. I really should start meal prepping. We do love egg salad and I think I’ll make some today! Wow that lasagna looks amazing. Prepping burritos is a great idea! And those muffins, yum!😋

  5. I really don't meal prep but you made it look like something I might want to try! I think the only things I really prep are snacks, like fruit and boiled eggs. I need to try those burritos, they look so yummy! My kids would love those muffins and the peanut butter banana chocolate cups!

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