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MEAL PREP CHIA PUDDING | freeze it for weeks + healthy breakfast ideas

Meal prep chia pudding – you can freeze it for weeks! Chia pudding is a healthy breakfast recipe and it’s even better when you can make a large batch, freeze it …

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  1. Hi guys! I'm happy to be back with a new meal prep video and I think you're really gonna love this. It makes grab-and-go breakfast super easy and it's great for the summer months! Don't forget to download the PDF and join our new private Facebook community (linked in the description). What's your favorite flavor on the chia pudding? xo – Lisa

  2. Thanks for introducing me to chia seed porridge! I’ve been making them since I first saw this video about a month ago. Love it! 🥣

  3. I was just diagnosed with gastritis, and have not tried chia seed pudding before. I love your recipes and will be trying all of these. You are great and very engaging. I just subscribed! Thanks!

  4. Hello, just love that video….thank you for the great video using the chia seeds…I have a question though, can Mason jars be used for this pudding as well ??

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