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MEAL PREP FOR BREAKFAST » 3 easy recipes

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  1. Aronia berries, they are packed with antioxidants and are a locally grown alternative to other fruits. They are very popular in Poland and are very hearty plants to grown on your own. The antioxidants in a single aronia berry are 2.5 times that of an apple!

  2. I absolutely love your videos! I was curious if you would ever do a video on your process of creating the "Pick Up Limes" blogs and the journey from where you started to where you are now. Thanks for all you do!

  3. Amazing. What kind of skillet and cookware do you use? I see the cast iron pot in the description but I'm in love with the other pots you used!

  4. These look so good. 😍 I hate breakfast because I hate making stuff in the morning when I just want to eat and get going, and all of the fast options are bland and nutritionally flat. I reaally wanna try that scramble, my mouth was watering just watching it come together.

  5. Thank you for video! Super easy and tasty recipes:) I wonder what is a full list of fixings (spices, herbs, seasonings) you use. It would be nice to have such a video with a list (in order buy it in market at one place) and description how often you use it. It is always a quiz what spices to use and how to combine them in order to make simple food more diverse. Thank you again!

  6. I really cannot stand dates, but those bars look so amazing, and healthy. Am so gonna try them. Hope they can make me like dates just a little bit, haha.

  7. I love your videos and I wondered if you could make a video on how you think when buying the vegetables and fruits and the economical aspect behind it. I do not have a lot of money as a student so it would help.

  8. I'm currently approaching vegan food in an attempt to become fully vegan, however I've seen for a lot of dishes or snacks avocados are used. I have never tried them so I dont know their taste. Is there sth I can use instead of them? Because in order to grow avocados whole bee masses are being used and mistreated.

  9. i hav been following your channel for so long! since over a year and a half now and i still love it just as much i did before 🙂 your idea make me want to eat healthier by every passing day <3

  10. I subscribed because of the thumbnail alone, your kitchen looked so fresh and lush. Then I watched and omg I’m in love with this style of cooking. Tranquil, easy, to the point, and with such grace too. 🌿🦋

  11. Hi Sadia! Just wanna say I absolutely love your videos, they are so calming and fun to watch. I'm gonna try out the frozen yogurt and granola recipes this weekend! Keep posting wonderful videos!

  12. I'm not sure if you take suggestions but I recently stumbled upon your channel and LOVE all of your videos. I was wondering if maybe you could make a video helping those who maybe just turned 30 or are over 30–I just turned 30 this year and my weight is SO weird now and it's harder for me to lose the weight I am putting on.

    If not, it's okay! 🙂 I still love your stuff! <3

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