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MEAL PREP FOR BREAKFAST! 4 Healthy & Easy Recipes + printable guide

meal prep for breakfast?! yep! I’m sharing 4 healthy recipes for a quick healthy breakfast that I think you will love! 🙂 enjoy! xo Cambria Joy FREE printable …

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  1. My biggest struggle is that I have a college meal plan! I’m an RA, and my compensation is room and board, so while I can still buy groceries and cook for myself, I feel bad to be spending money when my meal plan is “free.”

    I’ve noticed that a lot of bread/refined grains cause issues for me long-term, and almost everything on campus is fried or served on bread, etc.

    I also use this as an excuse to be eating foods that don’t make me feel good. I know there are still a few options on campus, but I need to be more strategic in how I go about getting my meals!

  2. Oh man I'm SO late on this one! Last Monday I had this avocado sandwich you showed 5 or 6 years ago and thought 'Man, I wished Cambria shared new recipes'… I should have looked at Youtube XD; I will definitely give a try to these recipes. I tried chia puddings a couple weeks ago and it is on point girl 😉 . I really should try the first one… I'm tired of industrial granola with added sugar unless you go for the most expensive ones (at least where I live)… I've definitely made an idol of my food as well.. 'You need to stop anti-depressant and lose weight' was what I heard at my (former) rheumatologist. I tracked down everything I ate, even while eating at a family member or whatever. I lost 22% of my initial weight while on medication of which the main side effect was preventing weight loss. I kept bashing myself over an occasional treat. I barely made it to 1000 calories a day for nine months and, being a chronic illness fighter, I don't exactly know how I survived. I followed you way back in 2013 before I ever became a follower of Jesus. To me, the worst thing to know is that you talked about the food issue back then. It's just like if Jesus said 'Hey, watch out because you could go through similar trials and I do what I can so that you don't go through this.' I love how you minister to people. You definitely planted the seed into my heart, even if it did not sprout until November 2018. For future videos.. I would love if you talked about how you manage your time/day, maybe a Bible study, share your tips for our God moment? Be blessed! — Emma

  3. This is so good! You always put ideas into words so well. I definitely needed to hear this this week leading up to the new year wanting to get back on track working out and eating healthy not cause I have to but because I'm free too and I love to. I love how God uses us to bless people we've never even met, you definitely do that for so many. He's given you an awesome platform and I'm really happy he did.

  4. Could you post a video on how to use the Breville espresso machine? I just recently bought it and I can never get my espresso shots to taste the same.

  5. I love everything about this video. I made a the oatmeal and chia pidding. The coconut oatmeal is DELICIOUS. And I really appreciate all that you said about food and identity. Love you Cambria, keep doing what do you! 😊

  6. I know the Bible is imperative in helping transform the mind to a free mindset…Any other book recommendations that helped you shift your mindset? Love love love your videos!

  7. thanks so much for the reminders, the bible verse. I never want to be in that bondage again. I love sweets, could you help out with a video of some sweet treats that also have some more "healthy" ingredients.

  8. Could you share scripture that has helped/been helping you with freedom of food? Also, could you do a video about prayer/different tips/etc that has helped you walk in freedom in this area? Or different ways you’ve changed your view, different ways it has changed your overall life? A video that shares how you realized your gluten intolerance and etc? Basically a whole video on how you got to be where you are today in your eating and physical health 😂

  9. Hi Cambria! I loved your video–I always enjoy watching! SO ready to try the chia seed pudding and maybe the granola! THANK YOU for sharing all your tips and ideas with us! 🙂

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