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MEAL PREP FOR STAYING LEAN & HEALTHY | Batch Cooking Easy Vegan Staples

Easy meal prep for the week, we batch cook our household vegan staple foods that are useful for muscle gains and healthy weight loss! ▻ Recipe & Fitness …

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  1. Week 1 of quarantine after heavy shopping :- meal prep for staying lean..
    Week 3 of quarantine with leftovers:- meal prep for just surviving !!!

  2. Dude, i cant stand sweet potatoes. Any ways/recipes that the sweetness will be covered so i can get them in my menu? I know they are super healthy

  3. Thanks for the video man. I'll definitely gonna try this. But how many days should I keep this in the fridge? The lentil has coconut milk in it, so I'm guessing I shouldn't keep it beyond 4 or 5 days?

  4. Every vegan should look into Indian dishes. I wish you could eat the dal my mother makes. You would probably eat nothing else for a month.

    Ps.: Dal tastes best with fresh naan or chapati.

  5. I loved the shout-out to Katherine at the start! I’m the main cooker at home as well. It is beautiful when we feel that what we do is appreciate by our hubbys. ❤️❤️

  6. I’ve been cutting my own hair for20 years. When it gets to long, I shave it and grow it out. Great content. But your looking way to skinny. Lol. Eat a burger before you starve to death.

  7. The whole time I was watching. I was going like. O whats that ….hmmm….wonder how that tastes like. Where can I buy that in my town. Oh yeah I cant go out because of the quarantine.

  8. I would like to know why is youtube recomending me chicken meal preps if im watching a vegan video, like… YT camon. Great Video 💪

  9. Hey Jon, I am a big fan. Love your positivity and physique. You are one of the main reasons I tuned Vegan. Just one thing I learnt about coconut/coconut milk, is that we shouldn't cook it in direct heat. All the nutritional benefits are almost gone that way. Instead we could add the milk later and close the lid and let it cook in the remaining heat. Coconut has tremendous significance in our culture here in India and Ayurveda doesn't recommend you cook it over direct heat.

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