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Meals for Maximum Weight Loss ep 8. Plant Based/ The Starch Solution

Hi everyone ! Welcome back to another Meals for Maximum Weight Loss Video! I outline what a day of eating looks like while following “Dr John Mcdougals …

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  1. Kiki – I've now appointed you the official female spokesperson for vegans. I've been watching lots of You Tube videos but this is the first that really addresses the proportions you have to stick to (even at breakfast). Also – you eat dessert – which I so appreciate – since I feel I need it. Can you also address snacks in your future videos?? Thanks for the video!

  2. Kiki love your videos! I was vegan, gained weight bc I ate a lot of fried stuff and nuts…and am now on version 2.0 trying the WFPB Dr. Dougall style. Question: how much exercise do you do and did you do during the year that you were losing weight?

  3. Can the tomato mixture you made in the blender be used as a tomato base for a soup you made in a recent video, instead of a jarred tomato sauce?

  4. Although weight loss was achieved. A person should never predominantly eat one part of the food spectrum. There is carbs fat protein and starch and we should achieve to get adequate amounts of each not 80% of 1 n the rest just scattered. The keto diet is high fat n it works to help achieve weight loss but its highly dangerous in the long run just as well as starch or a high carb or protein diet. All those potatoes spike insulin like crazy n will eventually cause diabetes.

  5. I love audio book so I bought the audio book drive for 10hr a day… I finished the doctor MacDougall for rapid weight loss in a day…but I am so confused I need help?!😩iam not super clear of the veggies that I have to eat … I become vegan almost a year ago

  6. Wait, really I didn’t know I can loose weight with starches. Right now I’m on a 10day smoothie challenge to jumpstart my weight lose. Also I’m going for a walk at least an hour and a half a day. I can’t wait to be down 20lbs because I suffer from high blood pressure. I’m currently at 202lbs lost 6lbs so far 🎉

  7. Beautiful videos!!! I'm already a vegan but 63 yrs old, post-menopausal and need to lose 70+ pounds. Just started the Starch Solution – I'll let you know how it goes!! So far loving your videos!!!

  8. I eat this way also sos free vegan… I love your channel and the way you cook so easy !!! Thank you!!! 🙂 going to make first soup such a great idea 🙂 What is the fat free cocoa powder called??

  9. How long does it take you to completely finish like your lunch? I find it hard to consume all the food. It takes me like a half hour to eat but I’m full like the rest of the entire day….

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