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Meatloaf | Basics with Babish

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  1. When I make meatloaf, I, too, make a whole meatloaf into two before baking. I do it because I have picky eaters who don't appreciate my Sriracha ketchup glaze…or glaze in general 🙄

  2. Hello

    So I am going to try to explain how to pronounce "Worcestershire"

    It is not really pronounced exactly the way it is spelled.

    It is pronounced Vuster ( like the vu in deja-vu and ster in sterling)

    Hope this makes sense.

    Love your vids, keep being awesome

    Peace from South Africa

  3. I HAVE to try this some day! As i know meatloaf from my childhood, it was a disgusting loaf of un-seasoned meat bathing in a brine with cabbage (yes you read that right) around and over it!

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