Vegan Recipes

Merle's Favorite Vegan Recipes For The Spring

These are some of Merle’s favorite vegan recipes to be whipped up in the springtime! Yum! RECIPES: Energy-Boosting Buddha Bowl …

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  1. Thanks for watching, friends! I hope these bring some inspiration into your kitchen — were all spending more time at home right now , hopefully this helps spice up your day. Stay safe and well, everyone 💚 ✨

  2. Hey guys, I hope you are having a great day! I just wanted to share with you a tasty breakfast recipe that a lot of vegan's are talking about.just email me at iwill send you a free program

  3. Goodful, Should probably repost this video with merle's face scenes switched to audio. Or even re-shot. Otherwise you will still get flack from others.

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  5. I am not vegan, I'll never go vegan, but that doesn't mean that I hate these recipes, these are actually good x3 try it yourself guys :3 you don't need meat 5 times a day, everyday of the week!
    thanks for the recipes x3

  6. Could anyone explain me how those canned chickpeas are premade? I`m from Russia and here the whole concept of eating chickpeas is kinda uncommon, so I am lucky if I find them hard and raw let alone canned. So would I basically get the same thing if I just cook them myself beforehand? Are there maybe any specific spices used?

  7. Merle, omg!!! These recipes all sound absolutely amazing and totally within my abilities! Awesome job curating these, I am ITCHING to try the mousse and the vegan pesto!

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