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Millet Khichdi | Khichdi For Weight Loss | Korela Khichidi | Manthena Satyanarayana Raju Videos

Millet Khichdi | Khichdi For Weight Loss | Karelu Khichidi | Manthena Satyanarayana Raju Videos Welcome to Manthena’s Kitchen… Real Happiness Comes …

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  1. Ma 3years babu mother feeding puttina daggarnunchi ledhu dr. Garu.constipation problem tho badhapadutunnadu.kapham taggalante emcheyali.pillalaku a vidamga food pettali dr garu.immunity Ela penchali.hb 9.weight 13.

  2. Dr. Manthena Garu.
    at 0.47 for Moong Dal the picture seems to be of Urad dal.
    Hope you will take care to avoid confusion.
    Sometimes your titles are also misleading particularly in Health Mantra Channel.
    You may appoint someone to take care of such lapses.

    Let such things not dilute your reputation.

  3. Sir H Pylori bacteria infection stomach lo thaggalante bacteria chaavalante em cheyyaali chaala years ga baadhapauduthunnaanu alaage dhaani valla constipation kuda ekkuvaga vundhi .
    Parishkaram cheppagalaru sir

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