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Misfits Market Organic Produce | April 6th 2021 – $22 Mischief Unboxing

More info about Misfits Market We have a two-pronged mission here at Misfits Market: to provide affordable access to healthy food and to fight the food waste …

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  1. Very cool Charles. Looks like a great deal. I hope i have some of my own produce in my garden soon. I am hoping to get celery this year. It seems to be hard to grow celery. That produce looks great.

  2. I had gotten about 4 boxes of misfits. When it comes to organic foods, its a good deal. But I didn't know what to do with some if the things…. dandelion leaves? My favorite squash was the honeynut squash. It was absolutely delicious. And the pears are always good. Tomatoes never really tasted good. Lettuce aNd cabbage is usually good.

    And they just changed their service. Choose anything up to $30 minimum order. Just like imperfect foods now.

    I also got 25 apples in one box… I made a video about it.

  3. I get the large box. It barely feeds our family of 5. The first box I got had moldy and crushed produce. My second box, the kale was infested with bugs and eggs. It was also missing the ice packs. I’m expecting my third box this week. I figured three strikes and you’re out.

  4. At 6:30, it is the amazing Jicama, enunciated HICK- A-MUH.

    Root veg, loaded w minerals.

    Peel the skin to the thickness of a banana skin. The outer layers are stringy and tough. Buy the smallest ones. More nutrition.

    Cut, slice, dice, shred as you wish.

    Taste and texture? Like a very, very unripened pear. Very mild, slightly sweet pear flavour.

    Can be used in lieu of bamboo shoots ($16/lb in the can – $3.99 per 4 oz can) for a stir fry, tossed in a salad, minced or shredded on top of a pineapple pizza, slice a few pieces into a soup, a stew right before serving or cooking a ham.

    Around here, they (non-organic?) run around 80 cents per pound.

    Mince in egg, chicken or fish salad sandwich? Yes!

    Stir fry w tofu? Yes!

    Finely slice to matchsticks and put in sushi? Yes.

    Slice and dip in a great salad dressing for a snack? Yes.

    Cut thin slices and put on a PB sandwich? Yes.

    Cut wedges and dip in to PB (with or without honey)? Yes.

    Jicama? Let me count the ways…

    Almost indestructible.

    As momma always said, "STOP PLAYING WITH YOUR FOOD!!"

    Shhhhhhh, momma is not looking now… 🤣

    I say:


    Love and prayers from your eternal sister in Christ somewhere near Seattle.

    ⚘ 🙏❤🙏 ⚘

  5. " HaPpY EaSTeR❗"
    Don't over cook the jicama
    It can be eaten raw. Add to your salad
    Boil , sreamed , sauteed, or fried.
    A hint of starchy swettness.

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