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I demonstrate how I mix living organic soil for my cannabis and tobacco plants. I explain what I mix in and why. Check out …

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  1. Awesome vid! Hella dope to see some fellow grow love coming out of BC! Was wondering what you thought about adding cocoa coir and using lava rock instead of perlite your mix? What percent ratio would you use for the 200 gal? Thanks in advance!!

  2. I'm in the lower mainland, do all schools sell the organics compost? And doi have to let it sit at home or do they age it when they are? Also what is the benefit to humus?

  3. Hi I'm from the East coast and I am trying to grow cannabis as a part of my food forest. I already have rich and diverse homemade compost. What is the approximate ratio of potting mix: compost: aeration? I was trying to aim for about 1:1:0.5.

  4. Bro I've been binging your videos recently and I'm loving it so far. One thing I'd watch out for in the future is mixing your measuring units. You frequently swapped between gallons and litres. Only complaint 🙂 I guess this video is super old

  5. Have you ever tried mixing Gaia green living soil with Pro mix vegetable and herb mix for transplanting flowering cannabis? I'm asking about because possible blending issues with the NPK in both of them. Gaia is 1-0-0 and Pro mix 0.30-0.05-0.10. I could easily blend Gaia's living soil with coco and add dry amendments but I'm wondering if I can build a super soil with gaia's living soil and Pro mix

  6. Hi, I'm from Australia only new to growing. Love the channel learnt heaps.
    I've made my own living soil but made to much.
    How do I store living soil & how long can I store it for? Do I need to do anything to it after storing to use it.

  7. I love this channel and the way you explain things! It really got me hooked and now i just wanna know everything about organic cultivation!
    Do you have any book recommendations about microbes, soils, beneficial insects etc.?

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