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Mouth Watering Birria Enchiladas | Beef Enchiladas

Mouth Watering Birria Enchiladas | Beef Enchiladas This video is for everyone who wants to make a mouth watering dish this …

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  1. As a Mexican American, olives are on or off. Up to you, but they do come with them sometime. I personally don't like them on them but my mom always puts em on hehe. They look bomb! Only thing probably not authentic is the short ribs cuz those are expensive 🤪

  2. Great job everything looks luscious I have to try it myself I think I would add some black beans to mine thank you for sharing this easy recipe Mr. AB
    Peace out 🤣

  3. Thanks for doing this one. Like to see others cultural dishes made by us.

    Side note. So surprised you dont have your baby whisk and lil spatula and stuff on your storefront AB lol.

  4. 🔥🔥🔥Made em and you ain’t ever lied, they love me 😁finally getting some respect around here 😂👏🏾…removing the seeds from the peppers was fun for the kids as well🧘🏽‍♀️Thank you , always and plz keep em comin 🙏🏾💕🔥

  5. Pressure cooker ribs are decent. It’s not a smoker but in 30 min in the pressure pot and 5 min in the broiler it fulfills the craving without the work

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