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Moving Day! Saying Goodbye to Our Cornish Cottage…

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  1. I love it 🥰 that you say it’s forever home 🏡 (well at least 10 years) & your excitement & love 😍 your have for it 🏡 cried 😢 watching it,silly me 😆 so happy for you 🥂 🍾 just watched again & so funny 😆 too all the good byes I remember doing that too to all my old homes 🏘

  2. Huge congrats to the both of you! I’ve been following you guys since you were living at your parents’, it’s amazing how far you’ve come! All the best and cannot wait to keep watching 🎉

  3. I've been a silent viewer for months now for your vegan tips (which have been so helpful on mine and my wife's journey) but I just wanted to say congratulations. We move on the 27th and we are so excited! Enjoy every moment of your forever home xx

  4. Omg the moment when you walk into that house!!!!! 🥺🥺🥺 so precious. I cry. Congrats on your new home!!!! Can’t wait to see the tour 💁🏼‍♀️🤩

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