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MUD-FISH & Wild Boar Trapping {Catch Clean Cook} Mudfish Mandalay

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  1. Down here in Sanderson Florida we take mud fish or what you call it cyrpess trout. We cut the dishes belly open and bleed out the fish first then we boil it until meat falls off bones and then we make something similar to salmon patties it taste just like a salmon patty next time you catch one try it it's really good

  2. no wonder people started calling them mudfish…their meat is mushy like mud lmaoooo so nasty. I suppose you'd have to keep it alive and kill it right before you clean and cook it to know if it can be good.

  3. Mud Fish… Never ever add anything to it like the onions, garlic, ginger etc. Marinate and deep fry on low heat until crunchy and well done… Yes, WELL DONE… Not medium or rare… WELL DONE. Until then… you'll never enjoy it. You can also roast but on low heat until crunchy. Try it out.

  4. All the videos of yours which I have been seeing since I started following you this is the first time I have seen you spitting a fish I can imagine how it must be. Take care bro love you guys

  5. Gotta keep mudfish alive up until the time you clean it. Put it in an ice bath with vinegar to tighten it up. Fry it up immediately. Good stuff. My cajun buddies taught me this. It's called choupique in Louisiana.

  6. Hafa Adai!! Shout out to PK!! I lived in Guam as a militiary brat in my early teens, some of the most memorable times of my life. Beautiful island, and wonderful people! I can't wait to one day return for a visit.

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