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  1. I love my coldest water bottle, it keeps my water cold for days. I know what u mean about the clean up, especially after doing a video🙄. Thx for sharing 🥰

  2. Damnit Chantal… your stories crack me up=). I am currently listening to you at 410am- here in TX… your comments about dancing and "hit him with my gut"… girl, you literally made me LOL. Wishing you well always=). Love the funny stories/ long mukbangs (i realize that I may have misspelled that… to any of you word police out there=).

  3. I love eating appetizers….. I love having a variety of foods when I go out to eat, so does my husband. Like our main meal and then having all sorts of appetizers. And we don’t finish them all but that’s the fun haha get to take some home.

  4. I love you and Peetz!! 😊 I really want to hang out with you guys and have a movie/game night. That probably sounds weird, lol, but I think that would be such a blast!!! You guys both crack me up.

  5. yummyyy and yes i prefer the longer videos too. I like seeing what you eat but also for the conversation, i think its just more enjoyable with longer videos. LOVE YOU AND YOUR VIDEOS! <3

  6. I am 44 now and never had a great love for or fascination with any celebrity that went beyond my 11year-old crush on Michael Jackson. In fact, I could never understand how anyone could get so “ga-ga” over someone they don’t really know. But then I found Alexander Skarsgard about 8 years ago. 😲😲😲 And then I finally understood. 😆 That man is just on a level all his own and I would gladly worship at the “Church of Askars” any-damn-day!! 😍😍 (but Bill is also very cute – actually, because my love for Alexander is so strong, just by being related to him automatically makes said person amazing – I really do have a bad Askars addiction.) 🥴
    I admit, I often more listen to your mukbangs than watch them (I like you but mukbangs are definitely not my thing so listening while doing other activities works well). But as soon as I heard the name Skarsgard I was like a kid hearing the ice cream truck music. You had ALL of my attention. 😂
    It’s so nice seeing Peetz this often. Everything seems happier, more light-hearted and easygoing when it’s the two of you. ❤️❤️

  7. I've been a subscriber for a while now!! I feel your struggle. This is a lifestyle change for sure!! I decided to start my own channel to help others and myself. I had gastric bypass in 2016 and have lost over 200lbs… it's never easy no matter what plan u do. Feel free to subscribe to my channel and we can help each other!!! I will always watch ur vids… just know ur not alone!! I love ur mukbangs too… we all slip and eat bad things for us but we are all human and all adults!! When ur ready I'll still be here 🙂

  8. That is a really interesting culinary combo…you could call it Asian Oktoberfest fusion. What goes better with delicate lettuce wraps than beer cheese… I right?

  9. Hey, just found you through a hate channel…I just want to say I think people are really harsh on you and it’s not ok. While I do think you have some issues you need to work out, I just don’t believe you’re as evil as the haters make you out to be. Anyway…just wanted to send you good vibes. Take care of yourself.

    Oh-and I think your stories are hilarious. Please keep them coming

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