Vegan Recipes

Must Try Kid-Friendly Recipes (Vegan)

Today we are showing you how to make 4 kid-friendly vegan recipes! All are delicious and going to be a hit for the whole family! The recipes are linked below …

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  1. I👏🏽can’t👏🏽WAIT👏🏽To👏🏽Try👏🏽Those👏🏽DONUTSSSSS
    what a perfect recipe when you’re looking for an easy dessert to make mid-quarantine 😭🙌🏽

  2. For anyone curious, I made the pot pie, it was delicious definitely recommend, however, I did let my potatoes cook longer than the recipe suggests because I know my cookware lol, and also, following the biscuit cooking directions off the package and in the recipe, mine still came out a little undone so just be careful, but all in all it was delicious and i would make this again! 😋

  3. My all time favorite recipe from you guys is the vegan hamburger helper! I've honestly made it ten times since it came out on your instagram. I meal prep it for my boyfriend's work, bring a big pot of it to my family and friends but i especially love it when i want something comforting! Growing up, hamburger helper has always been what my mother made for me and my brother for dinner and I've always had a love for it. Also congratulations on 100k subs!!!!

  4. Great recipes! Where do you get all of your ideas. I will use all of these. I like to call myself "almost vegan" but my daughter is not even close. I think she would like these, though.

  5. We don’t have any kids but sure love those recipes. I hope that biscuit brand doesn’t use any palm oil. As most vegans know, palm oil is devastating to habitats. 🤞🌱👍

  6. I am surprised you use products that contain palm oil. I am curious why you consider it a vegan item with the awful price it pays on animals and the environment. I am not trying to argue but sincerely interested in your reasoning. Thanks

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