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MUST TRY Overripe Banana Recipes (Vegan)

Got over-ripe bananas? I’ve got a recipe! Today I’m sharing 3 vegan recipes that use leftover bananas – classic vegan banana bread, chocolate banana muffins, …

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  1. OMG MY FAVORITE THINGS IS BANANAS !!!I EVEN HAVE A BANANA PILLOW LOL I will definitely be making some this weekend! thanks so much for sharing the great recipes!! 😉

  2. Love all your recipes. I developed dairy intolerance a few years ago from another medical condition. It has been hard for me to stay away from dairy consistently. Your videos have helped a lot. I will be trying to make the chocolate banana muffins soon.

  3. I just made the muffins and they are amazing. I want to try a sugar free approach next time anyone used dates instead of sugar?

  4. Now banana and I don’t agree but I need to eat more fruits. So I need to find ways to like banana. Even the slightest banana in a smoothie I can taste. I do like banana bread and pancakes but I need a healthier alternative. Thanks for this video.
    But those muffins omg

  5. Made these muffins!!!! BEST MUFFINS I've had in years !!!! Light and airy not dense which is amazing bc its GF. ingredients are accessible. Even my sister who does not like cake or muffins said they are delicious!!!!! Will keep making these . Note: I only had 2 bananas which still worked but the chocolate and nut butter flavor came through more-so with a slight banana fragrance. Just a note to keep in mind for the banana averse lol

  6. Im about a month into being vegan and Im working on getting a healthy amount of protein into my diet, has anyone ever tried mixing in protein powder when baking recipes like this? Would it ruin the texture?

  7. I made the first two, the cookies and the chocolate banana muffins. They were both good but the chocolate banana muffins were Heavenly and moist you were right! And right now I'm making 2 loaves of the banana bread and on one I'm putting chocolate chips the unsweetened chocolate chips and the other nothing I should have put walnuts though but that's okay it'll be lower in calories. Thank you so much Caitlin for putting all these great recipes up. I really enjoy watching you.

  8. Loved the recipes! Totally wanna try. I love to freeze the bananas and do a super good smoothie after. You should make some recipes for bananas on a smoothie, just an advise 🙂

  9. Looks amazing! Will be trying this. Can you substitute for almond or coconut flour for some of these recipes or powdered peanutbutter if turned into liquid form?

  10. I’m not going to come back to this channel. You talk WAAAAAYYYY too much and you don’t say anything. The channels that say nothing while you follow them are better. gl gurl

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