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Mutton Beliram | मटन बेलीराम बनाने का विधि | Spicy Mutton Curry | Chef Ranveer Brar

A dish that’s close to my heart and memories, sharing my favourite mutton recipe with you all.. Do try 🙂 #Muttoncurry #Muttonrecipes #RanveerBrar …

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  1. I tried this recipe and cooked it without using pressure cooker, trust me/trust Ranveer😅 it’s a must try dish. Mutton was melting in mouth and too good in taste. Everyone loved it.

  2. SubhanAllah! I made the recipe and as a Hyderabadi who is so use to cooking with sukha masal: peanuts, coconut, til and poppy seeds dry roasted ans ground it was so easy and even weirdly easy to make this recipe with no dry roasting and grinding.

    Lip smacking good. I followed all the directions to a T. The dhania seemed like a lot but I went for it. It was not overpowering at all.

    Being very use aalu gosht ka khorma ( stable in Hyderabadi homes ) I had to add potatoes! Boiled some baby Yukon Gold, made them “kripsey” by frying them in oil with little Lal mirch and salt and one bro mirch and when all nice done, added to the salan.

    Also it was my first time cooking with ghee it I use it only for Biryani or sheer Khorma. O M G!!! A little went along way and the tael chutna was so perfect 👌🏻 just like my dadijaans cooking use to be. The rest of a beautiful salan is when the ghee/ tel floats in the top! Lazeez!

    Adaaab! A Hyderabadi from California! 💕

  3. Please mention the time we have to give while we cover the mutton with lid. I try your recipes but it would be great if you could mention the time, it helps the amateur chefs like us. Thanks

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