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My 2020 Health Reset! Cooking for Whole 30 + Athleisure Try On

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  1. Absolutely loved this video ! And that pot !! And the recipe, and the books lol. Just everything. Would like to see more of your amazon home finds and health stuff 😄

  2. I have been doing on and off rounds of whole30 since June and I am down a total of 60lbs from my heaviest weight. It’s the best thing you will ever do for yourself. Good luck to you ❤️

  3. THANK you! You guys are adorable!! I'm not great in the kitchen. Soups & stews FTW!! I drooled on Le Creuset too but just couldn't justify the💰. I got a Lodge for $60 & it's held up good for years. No regrets. (IIRC, I saw a comparison video from America's Test Kitchen which helped me decide). You can't go wrong with Le Creuset, but this worked out great for me & my wallet

  4. I swear Coke Zero has some seriously addictive formula!!! I never drank soda. This past year, I started drinking CZ and have def discovered that I crave it. My compromise is to buy the tiny cans or bottles & limit myself to 2/day.

  5. New subbie here! Loved this video; it’s a great compliment to your fashion content.

    For future cooking videos, I’d love to see the recipe on the screen as you’re making it. I.e. – “add 1 cup broth & can of tomatoes to pot.” It makes it so much easier to utilize as a cooking companion. 😊

  6. My husband and I did Whole 30 a couple of years ago and we never felt better. All of my aches and pains went away, I lost about 20 pounds including lots of cellulite, my skin looked better and I had tons of energy. It's not an easy diet but you will feel so good.

  7. Good luck! Lifestyle changes are sustainable whereas "diets" are dangerous for body and mind so I applaud your mindset. I've been whole food plant based (basically vegan but no processed food) for 4 years now and it literally changed my life from a medical standpoint. Because of the medical issues, I live in activewear so I loved the haul, too!.

  8. It sounds like you are feeling similar symptoms to keto flu after cutting a lot of carbs out of your diet. Replacing your electrolytes will help a lot. I use ketovitals electrolyte powder that you can get on Amazon. It is fun seeing different videos from you guys. Good luck on your reset.

  9. Love this! I’m celiac, also, and struggled through the holidays. Family just doesn’t understand, sometimes… Great changing up your format. Appreciate how “real” y’all are. 👍👍

  10. Great video! Good luck on the Whole 30… Be sure to check in with us. I haven't tried that yet. You'll have to share recipes that you like. I'm always a fan of the Amazon clothing choices.

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