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My 3 Favorite Instant Pot Recipes – Easy Vegan Dump & Go Meals

Today I show you 3 of my favorite instant pot meals! These are my go to recipes I made every week! The first one is curry rice with lentils, the second recipe is my …

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  1. Just finished a big bowl of #2, Lentil Pasta. O…M…G, woman! It was so good, will def be going in a rotation for me. Was thinking as I was eating it that carrots would tase good in it, maybe for next time. Do have a question on # 1 (Curry rice & Lentils). I don't have brown rice, but a whole ton of white rice. What modifications to the cook time would there be?

  2. These look yummy. Just for info, in case you might be interested… your “garlic masher” is called a garlic press and crushes the clove much finer than minced more like a paste consistency (mince is a very tiny dice). Anyway thank you so much for doing this video. Lentils are so tricky, your tips were helpful. 💕

  3. I made the curried rice with lentils last night. Had to leave out the onion because hubby and I are allergic to onions. All four family members gave this two thumbs up. It was delicious! Looking forward to trying some more of your recipes.

  4. Chanty answers the question " I just bought this 50 dollar instapot…Wtf do I do with it now?" Thank you for the healthy ideas. You did a better job with this video. I like the videography. Intro with you. The rest of video was voice over and focusing on the food. You could have done an outra with you, but either way its exactly the way it should be. You're showcasing the food. Not you. You look cute as always though.

  5. All 3 of them look delicious! I see the lentil pasta every time I go to Trader Joe's, but have never bought it. I've been worried that its grainy… But maybe now I'll give it a try! Thanks for the recipes!

  6. So fantastic. I would make all three… Not sure about how to deal with the pasta dish since I don’t want to use the beef less beef product though. Thank you!

  7. I love my instant pot and I gotta try some of these! My rice always turns out mushy in the IP tho… so I usually just do rice in a regular pot. Pasta always turns out good for me but I find with tomato based sauces I get the burn notice a lot! Whenever that happens tho I just keep letting it cook and just check it every once in awhile. It still works and nothing gets burnt so I have no idea why it does that!

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