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MY BANANA BREAD RECIPE | Gluten Free, Refined Sugar Free & Healthy | Annie Jaffrey

Thanks so much for watching ♥ So excited to share this insanely delicious banana bread recipe with you! Perfect to have as a healthy dessert, or as a snack …

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  1. Hey Annie, tried your recipe over the weekend, and it was amazing! I added an extra banana as mine were smaller in size and it was just amazing. Big hit at brunch! Thank you for sharing! Will revert back to this recipe in the future!

  2. I made this exact recipe. Instead of using whole oats I pulsed them a little so it still has a bite. And I baked in brownie pan instead of bread loaf pan. So good.

  3. How much is one Cup ? 😩 could you please write the gramm number ? Its pretty exhausting to guess how much the cups look like 😩😩😩 now i dont want to bake it although it Looks so delicious but this „one cup „ thing is getting so on my nervs 😡

  4. The best banana bread I've eaten so far! I put less of the chocolate chips and walnuts because I didnt like how dense it looked in your video but other than that followed exactly and it turned out amazing. Thank you so much for this recipe 🙂

  5. usually a very silent subscriber but I really wanted to let you all know that I've done this recipe three times at this point (yes, every week since it came out!) and it tastes sooooooo good! thank you Annie for this vital recipe❤️

  6. This was really delicious, but if using coconut flour as a replacement, it would be a bit dry, so try using less flour or more wet ingredients 🙂

  7. Hi Annie! Your videos are a delight! I love cinnamon and cardammon too. Use them both in my tea and pancakes. 😊 I could already feel how amazing my house is going to smell when I try this recipe. My birthday is coming up and this recipe is perfect👌🏿 for a special healthy treat.😍 💖

  8. Hi Annie! I just love all your videos, but this one was awesome and wholesome! I love banana bread! ❤ It´s just one of my all-time favorite desserts and I was searching for a healthy sugar-free recipe a long time ago! So, I´m very excited to try your version! I´m sure it will be delicious! 🤤 Pleaseee I´d love to see other baking recipes on your channel! I´m really looking forward to know what will be your next healthy version for more inspiration! 🥧🍪 💡 🤩

  9. I made it and it turn out to be burnt 50 mins in the oven is way too long , I think the recipe is pretty mislead and tasted horrible.

  10. Very delicious banana bread! I followed everything as recommended and it turn out just perfect! I love to bake, and now this is my favorite banana bread version!!! Try and won’t regret!

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