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My CELIAC DISEASE Story! Diagnosis, Going Gluten-Free & More! | Lucie Fink

LIFE UPDATE: I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease (Coeliac Disease)! Here’s my Celiac story! Michael and I are now gluten-free together forever! This was a …

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  1. You’re SO lucky you caught it early!!!

    So I have had it my whole life.
    In the first 2 decades of my life it was just stomach pain and migraines and acne.

    Then when I turned 27 it got so bad I developed neurological issues.
    Anxiety, depression, ataxia, vertigo.
    It was a living hell for 5 years.

    I got so late stage that I had severe liver damage etc.

    You’re SOOO lucky you didn’t have to get severely sick to find out.

    Good luck on the journey!! You’re not alone 💓💓💓

  2. If you don’t mind what we’re your levels IMMUNOGLOBULIN A range at and your TISSUE TRANSGLUTAMINASE ANTIBODY, IGA when you was diagnosed with it? I’m waiting on my results and I’m a little nervous

  3. Thanks so much for posting this! I am actually having some of the same issues and they want to do endoscopy/colonoscopy. I am so nervous for the anesthesia part. Can you share what it was like to get propafol(sp?). What does it feel like when they give it to you? Like, do you get sleepy or was it more like you were just out instantly lol. Thanks again! Wishing you the best!

  4. My endoscopy is scheduled for next month. My girlfriend, who has a grandson with celiac, told me that wood and plastic in my kitchen is a thing of the past if I have celiac, so I've been deep cleaning my kitchen. She said I have to replace it with stainless steel and glass and some of my appliances will have to be replaced like my toaster. After 30 some years of marriage, we have accumulated a lot of plastic. I was recently diagnosed with lactose and fructose malabsorption which has a gluten-free component to the diet. I just picked up two books, one by Shelley Case and another one called Everything Gluten-Free Slow Cooker Cookbook. By Carrie S. Forbes. 2012. My mother has a wheat allergy and I haven't been able to eat sugar for a couple of years and no, I'm not diabetic.

  5. What triggered my concern was when I suddenly developed boils that wouldn't go away even after treatment and chronic anxiety.I was In college at the time and I'd eat bread for breakfast and bloat so bad,I'd have to unzip my trouser before getting to class,the acid reflux was insane. I started researching and somehow started piecing everything together. I quit gluten for a week,and the boils that had refused to go even after treatment just disappeared. The anxiety took a while to completely clear but eventuyit left. For that entire year,I had zero flatulence,bloating and acid reflux.
    Last year during lockdown,I started eating wheat products thinking maybe it wouldn't be so bad. Then 2 weeks ago, my feet started swelling,I was very light headed and went to see a doctor who told me I had anaemia. Apparently it was caused by iron deficiency because the part of my small intestines that absorb iron was damaged by my immune system trying to fight off gluten in my gut.
    I guess this is more than a confirmation for me to stay away from gluten for the rest of my life.

  6. Aww bless you! You’re gonna be super fine! I’ve been living with celiac since 1998, lots have changed since then. More options around and more yummy food haha 😂 it’s not easy at first but you’ll get used to very quickly. 😘

  7. Seems I need to get to a gastroenterologist. My liver enzymes were super elevated, and I’ve had tons of symptoms and although I was tested once 2 years ago for the antibodies; I was keto at the time and majorly avoiding gluten. 🥺

  8. I definitely believe migraines are related to estrogen levels. I started menopause in my early 40’s and had a migraine every single day for 1.5 years. Once they figured out I was in menopause so early and I began HRT, my migraines subsided tremendously (now get them about 1-2 times per month). Also, before menopause, I would always get a horrific migraine the day before my menstrual cycle would start.

  9. New follower here. ❤️❤️❤️ your channel, content, personality, Michael, your sister, everything!
    My friend nearly died before the doctors finally discovered she had celiac disease. Hers is severe!! To avoid any cross contamination, before her family became gluten free, she had separate pots, pans, cutting boards, etc.
    Glad you’re doing well and feeling good.

  10. With my weight it's the opposite. I randomly gained a hundred pounds and have cried because I eat healthy and and active. It got to the point where I'd hardly leave the house. I'm so relieved to know my intuition was right and that it wasn't just anxiety.

  11. I was diagnosed a couple of months ago and I'm 22. My biopsy results were Marsh 2 (pretty damaged). I only know of one other person in my family who has it as well as me. Your story really resonated with me, I am also a massive pizza lover and it sucks!! But I will get used to it. Thank you for sharing your story it has helped me a lot 😁

  12. Has anyone been diagnosed Celiac just based on the positive genetic antibody testing? I have been gluten free since since September and honestly haven't noticed a difference and struggle to keep weight OFF. My gastro doc wants to do an endoscopy to confirm but, I will have to re introduce gluten in order to see anything. Very frustrating.

  13. Does anyone think that gluten intolerance + a hormonal imbalance can trigger seizures? I know someone who has seizures during their time of the month, and they have very messed up hormones. All of this began shortly after they introduced gluten back into their diet after cutting it out, and going off birth control after being on it from age 16-23!

  14. I feel like that if anyone has special dietary needs or restrictions, this is the best time in history because there are so many alternatives available. I also have heard that the reason there are so many more people with gastric issues is because they have genetically modified so many grains and other foods to increase the bushels per acre compared to 50 or 75 years ago. I haven’t researched it, but the idea seems possible.

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