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My Favorite Plant-Based Jerky! (Easy, Cheap, Vegan Recipe)

My new favorite vegan jerky! It’s easy, makes a ton, and costs way less than store-bought. The entire 7 cups is less than $8! It’s also a great protein source, at 6 …

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  1. If you want to be a vegan, stop cooking food like vegan jerky, vegan burger patty, or anything that connects on meat.
    How can you faithfully say you're a vegan when you still love the looks of a jerky or bacon disguise as vegetables???

  2. Always copy meat ? If you hate meat so much why do they always try to recreate it? Weird ? If I disliked something I would not want to reproduce it in any form…That neurotic. We can’t spend a fake dollar. Just looks good on a wall.

  3. You can just call it Worcester sauce, that's what we do in the UK. It's said like wuster, but there's no good way to phonetically spell the "U" sound, it's not a "u" and it's not a "oo" sound. Rhyme it with "pushed-her" and you've got the sound! I'm so glad you posted this recipe because my husband loves jerky but we just can't afford it. We don't get soy curls in the UK which is so annoying, but we do get cubes so I'll try the same technique with that and a shorter cooking time

  4. My mum was English add we always had worcestershire sauce growing up and she'd just say it like 'Woosta-sheer' 😃

  5. We LOVE soy curls OMG yes but in bulk lol. My husband has been sending me some jerky recipes lol I gotta get these going yum. I'm TRYING to like tvp…. But I've struggled with that relationship for years lol

  6. Top tip for avoiding saying "Worcestershire" – most people in the UK just call it wooster (woo as in wood + stuh) sauce 😂 we don't have time for all those syllables

  7. Not to be a debbie downer, but I don't think Worcestershire sauce is Vegan; it's fish soaked in a sauce in barrels for a long time, then strained and bottled.

  8. Oh man, I thought soy curls were the same thing as tvp, just in a different format. I don't think I can find them but I'll try to recreate this with big tvp chunks…

    Also, in my country in South America the W sauce is just called "salsa inglesa" (English sauce) because there's no way we can pronounce the actual name lol.

  9. Could you share a TVP recipe? Would this work for that? I have had TVP for ages and honestly have no idea how to work with it. Didn't help that the first time I rehydrated it reminded me of dog food.

  10. Idk what those first two pronunciations were. The last one is right though, according to my New England-based pronunciation, which is informed by the city of Worcester in MA (I know the sauce is from England, but the American pronunciation of Worcester is "wuss-ter," [or "wuss-tah" when considering the NE accent] and add "sure" at the end).

  11. You can skip the soaking in water part and throw the dry soy curls into a saucepan with your marinade and cook it until it absorbs all the liquid. The benefit of this is The flavoring gets absorbed completely into the soy curl since you're not having to expel any water to replace with flavoring. The other benefit of this method is that you can just empty it right out onto the baking sheet without really having to touch the spongy slimy wet soy curls. Just move them around with a spatula to get them in position and bake like normal.

  12. You do realise that plants have feelings as well I have cut all meat And all plant based products From my diet I also stopped drinking water because All water has algae in it

  13. Just an fyi for anyone not shopping at kroger Worcestershire sauce traditionally has anchovies in it, if you don’t want fish in your sauce they do have vegan alternatives by Wizard and Annie brands on amazon.

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