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MY FIRST VEGAN FRIDGE & PANTRY (tour)🌱🥫🍞🥦 small, realistic, somewhat organized?

Caramel sauce recipe: I was thinking it was a vegan recipe, but no lol I had …

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  1. Honestly living for this content. I'm moving into a new apartment this week and I can't wait to organize my impending grocery haul

  2. feeling extremely validated by the ice tray comment b/c my roommate would not stop putting their ice cream directly on top of the ice tray and i was like this is gross everywhere that tub of ice cream has been is now being marinated into my ice cubes!!!!!!!

  3. I love hot chocolat so much! My parents always learned my to mix two teaspoons of sugar and one of cacao in a mug with a bottom of milk, when it’s combined stir in the rest of the milk and then just microwave or use hot milk. Lately i’ve been using two teaspoons of cacao and like half a teaspoon of sugar because hot chocolat can never be to dark.

  4. I live in 1300 SF house and my pantry is the same size. I now have a metal rack in another room 😜
    YES to the back of the package recipe series!!!
    The brand Sencha has a vegan matcha latte, Raley’s carries it.
    And OMG Grocery Outlet has become such a great surprise store for crazy marked down vegan food ❤️❤️❤️

  5. i lowkey got hit by a car on my bike last night and im watching this while wearing a hospital gown waiting for an xray ayy lmaooo

    (im fine im just getting some stuff checked bc my bod hit the street pretty hard)

  6. I'm not sure whether someone answered your question, but the white-bagged matcha looks like it is a lower quality matcha than the green-bagged one just from the color of the powders! The white bag looks like it might be a culinary grade one, which is better when used for baking rather than drinking, whereas the green bag looks like it might be a more ceremonial grade one which is great for drinking as well!

    I recently tried oat milk because I heard it's more environmentally friendly, but I think I'm allergic to it because of rashes and stuff 😫so I guess I'll stick to soy milk!!

  7. I think farm raised bivalves like oysters are vegan. They don’t have the capacity for pain so it doesn’t bother me. I know some people still think it’s exploitative but you could make the same argument against eating plants. Wild caught/harvested bivalves damage the environment though so I don’t feel the same about them

  8. sourdough is a lot of work, but it's SO rewarding! it's been my ~**corona project**~ and now there's no going back lol
    also, your hair has gotten so long! suits you great xx

  9. Emily! I highly recommend you get the cookbook Power Plates (legitimately one of my favourite books, I think you'd like it) for the goji berry sauce recipe. The only way I will eat the things.

  10. Steel cut oats tips for everyone in the comments who regrets buying them: make it with water on the stove. Something about the milk makes the texture more gelatinous and weird yet still crunchy. Water makes a more traditional oatmeal texture by better hydrating the oats. And it does take time on the stove; microwaves are faster but also lead to poor texture. Steel cut oats are definitely not a quick morning breakfast.

  11. Oh my gosh the 3 bottles and peeing thing used to be a constant struggle. Now I don't eat in the morning so I don't really have the smoothie but still, I get that struggle

  12. Oh my gosh! The jackfruit thing? It bothers me sooo much! I see so many people using that or like mushrooms and being all like "it's a great meat substitute!😊🤗" but don't talk about the fact that it's not because 0 protein? Yeah it might be great for the texture but you need beans or something also, you can't just eat jackfruit, carbs and veggies

  13. I loved this, especially your zero waste pantry section with the jars! Also, no hate but seeing bread and garlic in the fridge is so bizarre to me, maybe bc I’m not American?? Can any other Europeans weigh in lol

  14. At the beginning of the video the color of your sweater reminded me of matcha, then you pulled out actual matcha and it looked exactly alike lol.

  15. Oysters are an animal and therefore aren't vegan. They belong in the ocean filtering water and harvesting them is extremely damaging to the ocean. Additionally, there's no reason to eat them. If you want omegas, buy canola oil and cook your food in it. Anyone who eats oysters on purpose is decidedly not a vegan or even plant based.

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