Breakfast Ideas

My go-to weekend breakfast recipes…inc. my BEST scrambled eggs ☀️☀️☀️

8:34 – Miso Butter Scrambled Eggs – 2:47 – Asian Breakfast Skillet …

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  1. Loved Marion cooking channel cause she makes delicious food so effortlessly, and allows newbies in the kitchen to want to get in and cook LIKE her 🙂 Thanks Marion !

  2. I tried the tuna pancake, but I sauteed the onions and carrots until translucent, used flour+1tsp pepper+1tsp salt+1tsp sugar, and the green onions. I also left a lot more of the oil in my tuna, but it turned out great! Thanks for the super fast recipe 😄

  3. Hi Marion quick question but would tinned corn be acceptable? I sometimes find frozen corn to be bit on the tasteless side here and tinned corn just a bit better.

  4. Eggs are like my favorite things to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.. I could just eat 2 over easy eggs on top of white rice and I’m good👍🏼🤍💛

  5. Okay lady – I've always been a cream in my eggs kinda gal, but you've got me sold. Didn't have any shiro – it's on the list – but used your technique. Glorious! I love your recipes and your food. Yum. And btw – where can I get your books, I can't find them in the usual retailers?

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