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My Healthy + Quick Meal Prep for Weight Loss

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  1. I love this meal plan but I cannot imagine eating that much food in a day. I eat a fraction of that but overweight. I imagine that if I were exercising daily I’d be hungrier.

  2. Thanks Katie!!! It's always a great reminder of what to make. Your videos, and how u root us on, helps keep me excited about eating healthy. Thanks 4 the broth instead of oil tip- going to do this!

  3. I’ve been following your hypothyroidism meal plan for a while, but I need super easy and quick lunches! So this is wonderful and thank you so much for all you do!

  4. This was great thank you!! Can I ask, how many days would you keep these in the fridge for before you'd say they go bad? My worry with meal prepping is that after a couple days its not safe to eat. And do different foods have to be eaten sooner than others?

  5. Your channel was recommended to me and I absolutely love it!!! Can’t wait for more videos I have been trying to catch up on all of them when ever I have a min. Lol but love love love your channel

  6. Awesome video! Can you do some research in Anabolic recipes and let us know what you think? They're high protein satiating versions of foods we all know and love that bodybuilders put out. Some of these recipes do use sugar free versions of things like syrup and you could do your own twist by doing you and using ingredients that you think are better for your gut. So many people are jumping on the Anabolic Recipe train and we would like to know what you agree with or disagree with and why. Like if some of the recipes out there use a sugar free low calorie option that compromises some aspect of gut health then of course people with health issues could use Walden Farms instead of sugar free syrup with aspartame. And we can use stevia instead of all the other kinds of sweeteners that can be used.

  7. Loved this!!! I’m by no means a cook or even like to cook. I like to do the basics or anything easy to meal prep for the week to eat healthy! I loved seeing you cook and I’ll def try the chicken lemon hack!!

  8. I feel like you need to do more videos that are less “perfect” and more real so we can relate more and be interested more in your videos… I feel like you put the same content out and I get super bored..

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