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My Morning Routine 2021 | Healthy & Productive Habits | Q&A + Easy Recipes

Welcome to the video! Today is a quarantine vlog. I show you in a little more detail my typical morning routine that I started in 2021 to make me more productive …

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  1. I'm unsure how I found you, but I subbed and added to the minority of females subscribers as even though I'm never gonna get to scoff 3k cals, or have huge muscles it's still very informational and I love your meal ideas. As a fast speaking Brit, I don't find you too fast, and your outlook on life is similar to mine. I find I'm constantly looking to see if we have the same foods here that you do, I'm so jealous of the huge plastic tubs of ready done salad leaves as ours are in small bags. Also wanna add – I really loved the one where your mum exercised with you and had a crop top on and showed it's cool to be a fit older woman with real skin and not hide away as many do. Good on her!

  2. Love ur channel Will , must admit I find it refreshing to watch your content as it has a larger focus on nutrition and great ways to supplement bad ingredients for better ones than some other YouTube fitness channels , the moto of keep it simple or as I call it the KISS Principle , Keep it Simple STUPID !!! really is very important , keep up the great work.

  3. I really love how everything is so flexible. That is definitely the key to staying consistent. I greatly appreciate your advice! has made working out and dieting so much more fun!

  4. Wow that sub number is so much lower than i was expecting! I would have guessed 10s of thousands if not 100s, you deserve more haha but at least the ones you have are quality!

  5. You’ve given me so much motivation to keep working out to be healthier and look more fit. Love the stuff that you do and love ya will. ❤️

  6. Could you ask your mom if she will do a Q and A ? I have a bunch of questions for her
    1. What is her athletic history ?
    2. Does she count calories or Macros?
    3. How does she stay motivated.
    4. Has she ever been overweight ?
    5. How many skips can she do ?
    6. Can she eat 6 donuts ?
    That's just a few

  7. Your mom could have her own channel and you do cameo appearances in it. She is a great inspiration to me as an older woman trying to get my weight down and improve my cardiovascular strength.
    Always a treat to see her and please tell her I said so !

  8. Another one honestly surprised by your female count. I've watched you since Youtube recommended you and you only had a few videos. You have amazing & entertaining content. You are also funny, down to earth & humble and I adore your relationship with your family ❤️🇦🇺

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