My New Favorite Salad Recipe!

Free KETO Food List + Cookbook My New Favorite Salad Recipe! Recipe: …

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  1. But is a warm dish or a cold dish? Mixing hot beef with rest of cold ingredients is a bit strange to me. Do you eat it quickly, so that beef doesn't cool down? I guess cold beef with solidified fat wouldn't be so tasty. 🤔

  2. Question for anyone who makes this.. can you make up a big batch of the sauce and store it in a mason jar or something like that so you have it on hand whenever you have a Big Mac Attack?

  3. OMG made this tonight for my Husband and I because Big Mac was our favorite thing to order at McDonald's! I tweaked the sauce a hair and I used bison instead of hamburger (we started using bison a few years ago and now I have a hard time eating hamburger lol) THIS WAS SOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!! It Tasted exactly like a Big Mac. To make it come full circle we had it with a Dr. Pepper Zero and it TOTALLY made our night!! THANK YOU!!!

  4. I've been making this salad for about 15 years, excluding the cheese. Look at me, thinking I've invented something😂. My sauce is almost made the same way. I don't add ketchup anymore but the sauce from the meat. Love it love it love it! My comfort food!

  5. I don't understand how ppl would dislike a video vs just don't watch if you don't agree. She isn't destroying the world she is making a fun salad. Especially bc youtube gives you the option to just not include her channel on your news fed if you so choose. Why choose to be negative.

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