This is how to make my quick pantry kale salad recipe, a raw kale salad made with items that I almost always have stocked in my pantry. Its a healthy and …

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  1. Okay, I've got to know more about the "mouth cam." If you were to make a batch of that and store it in the fridge, is the balsamic sufficient to keep the apples form oxidation? Or, would it be better to just add those at the point of consumption? LOVE your style kiddo!

  2. Reason I love this channel is the simplicity of the ingredients and recipes that make outstanding and delicious recipes! I used to be obsessed with finding recipes with complex ingredients because I thought that would mean flavor (never did)… this channel proved me wrong and has completely changed the way I cook!

  3. I have to tell you, I wasn't going to make this because I don't really like raw kale and it looked a little dull, but then you said "I don't make boring salads" and I thought, that's probably true. I'm just finishing a big bowl of it now and it's FANTASTIC. Thank you!

  4. Everybody should watch maangchi's recipes for Bok Choy, Eggplant, Spinach, Mung Bean Sprouts etc. She has, imo the best "salad" dishes out there. especially the Spinach and Sprouts. Extremely simple, delicious and healthy.

  5. The idea of eating raw kale is very unsettling for me. In Germany I only ate it either as stew or soup. I also never encountered it as a salad.
    And the bitterness of regular kale can be removed by pouring over hot water.

  6. I've heard it's a good idea to blanch the kale before using it to get a milder taste and become more easily digested. I haven't done it though so can't tell if it's necessary.

  7. If I were Jeff Bezos level wealthy, I would team with you to create vending machines that prepared your food and put them all around the world. 😃

  8. This salad looks good, Stefano! Not so convinced (still!!!) about this "super-vegetable" kale – honestly, nobody knew about it in Italy 20 or so years ago when I left…
    This kale (or 'cavolo riccio', in your ancestral language: Italian!) may be a real overhyped thing… but who cares! Your salad looks good: BRAVO!
    Ciaooo from the ITALIAN FOOD BOSS

  9. this is a salad I've made and loved before! I put chopped hazelnuts in mine and massage the kale with olive oil and salt first but the combo of apples and kale and parm is soooo goood…Really like your shows!

  10. I'm thinking I'd like the regular frizzy kale better(*). That said, I don't think I've seen a head of kale in the supermarkets here since the 80's. I might have to look closer at the displays, because it appears it may be sold in a way I wouldn't immediately recognise as kale nowadays.

    (*): as a teen, if you gave me a head of kale to clean and chop, 10-15% of it wouldn't make it to the pot.

    I've only had the kind you use here once, in Italy, and I'm really sorry if, for some people, I'm about to ring a bell which cannot be unrung: it tasted exactly like a fever medicine I used to hate as a little kid.
    Is was a a sachet one was supposed to dissolve in 1/4 glass of water and the producer had tried to mask the bitter taste of it by adding sugar and a fake cherry flavour… it was DISGUSTING and that kind of kale tastes exactly like it when cooked.

    Now, my parents were/are tail end silent generation, they didn't take much crap from kids, so I took my lumps for a while, but then I got sick again (no MMR-vaccine when I was a kid; vaccinate your kids people, coming down with any of those ilnesses is no fun at all, let alone all three), so I just came out and said it: "Mum, I can't do this anymore, that stuff is vile."
    Our GP suggested to try taking half an adult dose/pill, but I'm not the most physically coördinated person, so taking medicine in pill form was a few years away at that point.
    So we crushed half an adult pill between two spoons, I'd lick the powder off of one of the spoons and wash it down with a swig of milk. Really, really bitter, but still more palatable and not as sickly as the "kids"-version.
    What can I say, I like, unabashed, bitter things and attempts to balance it, unless done really well, usually don't find favour with me.

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