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My Simple Go-To High Protein Meals (for building muscle) **4 Ideas**

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  1. Yo! Just some quick no nonsense nourishment for the people. Proceed with caution on the tortilla – Joey D Fitness Ltd will not be held responsible for any major side effects resulting from consumption; including but not limited to: sudden onset of obesity, catastrophic heart attack, or any other such resulting condition. As ever, tag me in your creations on Insta so I can judge you. xx

  2. Bro. I have problem after using dexamethasone because of coronavirus. My cheeks are getting Chubby while my body keep smaller. Many advice me to stop eating meat. But I'm doing bodybuilding right now… What should i do then? 😫

  3. Uncle Roger would approve of the rice cooker for the chicken fried rice! A tip from a BBC (British Born Chinese)… not… you know. Try heating up the oil and throwing in the scallions/spring onions for aquick-fry till fragrant, then throw in the eggs – get a real nice fragrance for the end result. Pukka stuff!

    — Liu Family, Vloggin' from Shanghai

  4. Lol 35 grams of protein in almost 800 calorie dish? Thats crap. I can get less calories and more protein from a quarter pounder at McDonald's.

  5. thanks for that tortilla recipe, it's really good. Adding lemon and some salt to the avocado makes the avacado taste hell of a lot better. Cheers!

  6. just wanted to know what pain were you experiencing while filming this video, i know from experience that when you are so lean, basically every single day something in you hurts 😀

  7. Proteins are overrated plus people living in the developing countries are actually consuming too much protein. Fats are underlooked in diet. They are key element of building hormones and nourishing bodies.

  8. I love the tortilla one…
    On the chicken fried rice, a little tip, always cook your chicken with the juice of a lemon in the oven to save the prepping when raw, and then the chicken has a lovely lemony flavour too and is perfectly cooked, no browning, you can also cook the rice prior to the dish, it's the little things that make the dish.

  9. Hi can u please fry the garlic and dry spice first and then add tomato and a splash of water [keep the sauce moist] pasta!!!dont pour hot water instead bring to boil water with a pinch of salt and throw pasta into boiling water.. layer the mozzarela betwen the pasta and then add bechamel sauce [very easy to make at home] to cover it and grate parmegano and panko breadcrumbs on top then bake it and enjoy 😀

  10. When this great philosopher said, "On this day I woke up and chose YOLO," i instantly subscribed.
    When he continued and said my test levels decreased or actually plummeted. i liked the video.
    Good shit bro love it

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