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My Starch solution Weekly Meal Prep Plus Freezer Staples

The Starch Solution weekly meal prep plus freezer staples is the focus of this video. I will show you how I prep for the week to make sure I have plenty of options …

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  1. Food prep keeps me on plan and saves time in the future I love it. Thanks for sharing

    Can you do a video of what you do with these foods you made. What meals you put together with them?

    Also do you ever have treats or desserts? Can you discuss that. Like what types? How often?

  2. I'm prepping today too. I made a batch of veggie broth for the first time. I rely too much on store bought variety, although it is very convenient to have in my cabinet. My goal is to have 12 family dinners we love so I'm auditioning two new recipes this week. They need to be delicious and look inviting too. I have never been to Trader Joe's. I have a list of items to buy there though. Thank you for sharing your food prep. It is helpful to see the plan of a person who works outside the home, like I do. The wide video view shows realistic prep so thank you for that. My kitchen sink and dishwasher and drying counter gets crazy on prep day.

  3. Debbie, this video is terrific! thanks so much for keeping it all so quick, simple & doable! can't wait to make your cheese sauce! (I do like the wide view) thanks so much for sharing =)

  4. Great video! You keep it simple and real. You make it seem so simple. I really enjoy your videos. I appreciate that you don’t have muzak playing in the background the whole time. I find muzak to be annoying and distracting. I look forward to going back to watch some of your past videos and I look forward to what you produce in the future. Have a great week 👍🏼

  5. Another great video! I find if I don't prep I don't eat as I like or at all 😕

    I like this camera view. 😀 it was nice to have a full view. Have a great week!

  6. Thanks, Debi! That was a great video and I like the wider camera angle. I prep too and most of the same foods as you. In addition, I have a few BIG containers of chopped raw non-starchy veg and washed destemmed greens that I replenish about every 4 days.

  7. Here's a recipe for the best natural underarm deodorant I know. I gave up antiperspirants about 20 years ago and started using this, which works much better. Mix equal parts of coconut oil, baking soda and corn starch (about 1 tablespoon each). Put into a container. Use by scooping a small amount out on you fingers and smear on underarms.

  8. Thank you! Great video. I’m in love with the cheese sauce. Instead of lemon I add the juice of pickled jalapeño and it gives a little spice. So good. I love videos like this. Helps to know what others do for the week. Again enjoy the dance break as much as the food advice!! Haha.

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