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I’m Paul Rabil, pro lacrosse player and co-founder of the Premier Lacrosse League. Subscribe and let us know what you think of our channel by commenting …

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  1. Hey Paul. Thanks for this video thread. I hope you continue on with it. It is helpful to get some tips from others who enjoy a similar menu. It helps to know that high-performance athletes can eat this way and still perform. My 9 yr old has recently taken up lacrosse. He was loving the sport, until his season at SCLA was cancelled due to the COVID -19 pandemic. He is new to lacrosse culture (having come from a rugby and football background), but has been loving it so far. Hope to see more videos from you soon.

  2. I love the idea of vegan and many like yourself talk about how easy it can be but seeing this food haul I'm sceptical about the amount of processed food you buy vs whole foods. Sounds like it's working well for you. All the best.

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