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My Vegan/Plant Based Survival Guide 🌱

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  1. My two favorite meats are turkey and shrimp (I sometimes need smoked fish for certain west African cuisines). I’m building a healthy relationship with food and learning a lot of recipes besides west African. I eat shrimp more often than turkey and I have like four healthy recipes for it that I personally love. I also eat plant based And have cooked two west African stews with no meat. I know a lot of vegans would call me a liar if I said I’ve found a balance that works for me, but I have but that doesn’t mean I will stop growing.!!

  2. I started my vegan journey in may 3rd but "fell off" when I had a regular cake for my birthday (that was it though). I felt so bad but I decided to continue with this journey because I really do want to make a lifestyle change to better myself. With my few weeks of being vegan, I realized that I honestly don't miss meat at all. I didn't realize how unnecessary they were until I started this journey. I still have my rice & peas, ground provision, and all the kale, okra, and fruits I want😂

  3. Omg I was told that I have Hashimoto’s too! I’ve been trying to figure out something to help with the inflammation! I will definitely try celery juice 😊. Thank you ♥️

  4. I think you should know that all vegans out there do not take you seriously as a vegan. It’s completely obvious you’re only doing it to lose and maintain low weight. Not once have you mentioned your opinions and disgust towards animal abuse and not once have you used your dignified platform to fight for animal rights, when you know your voice can go such a long way. So in other words, it’s completely sad that you neither care or nor are you doing it for the animals, yet the rest of us with no or minimal voice are fighting for animal rights as true vegans. Remember it’s an awakening, not a diet.

  5. Oh please !!This is why I don’t subscribe to her channel . She is completely out of touch with real life people . This whole video is food that’s sponsored and everything she listed is expensive. Girl real working people aren’t able afford a food delivery service or order take out from those expensive restaurants, If we had your money sure yes we could all lose weight . Come back down to reality!

  6. Eating all that jar stuff and fake cheese, fake meat, fake chicken….not good for you. Chips are salty and fatty…not good. Veganism is supposed to be wholesome and healthy…not getting by on crap. Just sayin.

  7. Hello, Gorgeous! I have no idea who you are, but I accidentally clicked on one of your videos and can't stop watching your awesome videos. I've been vegetarian/vegan for over 30 years. It's a very healthy life style. If you like Gracias Madre, try Cafe Gratitude in LA. You'll love it. Also, if you love cheese, try vegan brand "Chao and "Follow Your Heart." Both are delicious. Whole Foods has both. So glad you're on a healthy journey. Best wishes to you!

  8. Miyokos Kitchen cheeses are awesome especially if you like gourmet cheeses or are looking for a good fresh mozzerella style to put on a homemade pizza, it melts well for that. Kite Hill cream cheese is a must and if you can get your hands on the Jalapeno nacho cheese dip from Wayfare foods I hiiiiiiiighly recommend it! Their sour cream is awesome too!

  9. I think the hardest part for me is when I go to people's houses because their food is not what I would eat. I end up eating it because I feel bad and rude. I wonder if it comes from growing up of someone took the time to make you this meal, you will be polite and eat it. Anybody has any tips?

  10. I been vegan for over 10 years, I look younger than when in my 20’s all the health issues I had are gone from uterus fibroids to thyroid problems and hormones issues all gone on plant based diet, I meet my husband 3 years ago and He had high blood pressure and cholesterol also 35 pounds overweight, he is been vegan for 2 years and goodbye 35 pounds and hello six packs, and no more medications, he looks amazing and loves the incredible abundance of food as vegan 🌱 we bought cook very delicious 😋 so is been a delicious journey

  11. Try “just like” Parmesan, mozzarella, cheddar cheese, mikinos vegan butter way better than any of the ones you ever have from Kate hill vegan almond ricotta and cream cheese, and all her yogurts

  12. I’m so happy this is working out for you Adrienne. And trust me, I’ve been vegan 3yrs and there are STILL hardships 😂 it’s a process/journey. Too bad hello fresh don’t ship to the UK tho 🤷🏽‍♀️

  13. Thank you, Thank you,Thank you! I was diagnosed 2 years ago with Hypothyroidism and have been soo lost with regards to meal planning. Thank you for this!!! You have helped encourage me to take the dive into a plant based diet and given me some direction girl!! #godbless

  14. Inspirational video!! Love the options! Thank you! My go to snacks are nuts, apples with peanut/almond butter, rice cakes, guacamole, hummus with cucumbers and cherry tomatoes, etc! I love that you mentioned the sides on a menu because that's exactly what I do when I take my children to a restaurant that doesn't cater to Vegans. I too have hyperthyroidism, and I made the choice to become Vegan for a healthier lifestyle. I am loving my results so far! Thank you for suggesting, and sharing your Vegan life with us! ❤

  15. I went vegan for my hubby who had a brain tumor removed and was advised to go vegan. I hated veggies but loved my hubby. I have learned to eat the veggies. Some are not my favorite but still I can eat them now. It helps to have a partner and do it together. My hubby is a great cook. I fine the recipes and he creates magic in the kitchen. We found soy curls which are dehydrated soy beans from butlers it really changed the game. You season them just like meat. The benefits out weigh the things you miss. Great tips. Another we do is if we go to someone's house we take a dish of something with us so we know we have one thing to eat. Of course, we never have any of ours left over.

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