New Hallmark Christmas Movies 2022 – Best Hallmark Movies – Romantic Holiday Movies 2022 #29

New Hallmark Christmas Movies 2022 – Best Hallmark Movies – Romantic Holiday Movies 2022 #29 New Hallmark Christmas …

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  1. Lovely movie. I do wish they would tone down the Christmas decorations. The only thing I can think of is they barf them out so much to cover up a very basic stage set. Seriously there is so much, it overtakes the scenes.

  2. You're lucky this movie is charming b/c I don't appreciate the need to lie about the title or the fact that it isn't a hallmark movie and you've falsely advertised this. What would have been so bad about posting it honestly?

  3. His attitude when he found out who she was is a little contrived. First and foremost, he had no right to use her picture without her permission. And then he get's all uptight! Other than that, enjoyable.

  4. My husband died this past year. His Favorite time of the year was Christmas. He played Christmas music…often instrumentals all year long. He was Chronically I’ll. Christmas music and movies gave him Comfort. Your movies have been getting me through.I Need the Romance… reminds me of my husband and it may sound minor, but Wait for The KISS at the end of your movies. You have quite a few with stories of widows and a touch of magic when the widow feels they are getting a message or sign from their lost loved one to be Happy, to start a new life, that they are Ok. “Just Five More Minutes” Truely hit me. That’s how I feel. Your Happy Ever after movies are pulling me through this most difficult time in my life. My heart hung on every Christmas in July movie. Your movies are touching and many are somewhat Magical. The Godwink Movies reach my heart as they are true stories and suggest God’s Hand in their life. My family has lost 6 family members and 7 friends in 15 months. Hallmark movies have touched the child in me….have reminded me of my own Romance with my Sweetheart in our youth and many of your movies have had a touch of whimsy and magic. At this point in my life and all the losses, I’m needing the softer, tender and gentle feel of your movies. It was suggested that I should seek some counseling for depression, but I’ve found Comfort and Understanding through the Hallmark movies….especially the Christmas Movies. They have provided all the Comfort I Needed. Thank you for your softer, gentler look at life in your story’s. I’m not the only one that needs these stories. Thank you for Hallmark Movies they are Helping all of us and Reminding us all of sweeter memories in our lives. They are a Huge Escape for me.

  5. I guess when the host reversed the letters that we wouldn't be able to find the title—-The title is-Much ado about Christmas-and it is not a 2022 movie. And, a couple of reviewers said it was NOT a hallmark movie soooo. But, it was an enjoyable movie.

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