New Ways To Save Money On Your 2021 Disney World Trip!

You’ve heard all the tried and true tips when it comes to saving on and budgeting for a vacation to Disney World, but there are a few new ways to save money …

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  1. For Florida residents park Hopping is only 40.00 for the four day discovery ticket, Not bad to pay 40.00 extra for all four tickets!!!! to the 199.99 4 ticket just ad the 40.00 hopper option!

  2. Confused. You have to be in the Hollywood Studios park in order to join the rise of the resistance virtual line. Or did that change

  3. So AJ they still have the King Triton 🔱 calzone at Trattoria Al Forno?? I booked this just to eat this again because it’s my favorite but it’s not showing on the menu on the app so I wanted to double check.

  4. Does anyone know what she means when she said you can add park hopper on to your ticket at the gate?

    Where do we go to do this? So you can buy a regular one park ticket but if you decide you want to hop you can go to the next park and upgrade at the gate?

  5. We are trying to decide between universal or disney we are trying to have the cost be around 3-4 grand total for a 6-7 night stay 5-6 park days. Its just me and my girlfriend is disney even doable for that length at that price seems unlikely

  6. Just a quick correction for you, Animal Kingdom is open til 7pm daily! My family went there on 12/28. In the video it says AK is open til 5 or 6pm.

  7. If Disney stops both sexualizing children and being political, we will have a giant family reunion there in 2021!! If Not, we will have to forgo, sadly! 🙁

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