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No-Till Organic Gardening! Avocado Tech, Seed Sprouted Teas, Mulch Layers, Cover Crops

In this video I interview Photosyntech and we talk about no-till organic gardening. He talks about avocado tech, seed sprouted teas, mulch layers, cover crops, …

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  1. Quick tip- i'm about to start using a steam (boiling) humidifier. It avoids getting white build up everywhere and you can use tap water with it. It also avoids getting mold/bacteria in your humidifier reservoir because it kills bacteria as it boils/steams the water.

    Quick question- does anyone think running a small de-humidifier inside a 4×8 grow tent is safe on the plants or does everyone strictly run de humidifiers outside the tent?

  2. Try not to take your plants out of the fabric pot just put into a bigger fabric pot and soil/coco around the sides edges this way you don't damage roots by pulling out of the fabric pot… Goodluck Growmies 💯💚👌✊👊

  3. Okay, this will probably sound dumb.. but.. I'm only 4min 10seconds in. However something I've been wondering through the research I've been doing is that when growing with soil using synthetic nutrients, photo, and your using 5gal pots I think..? Then I've heard 20gal, he says 15 is the smallest you want, 30 is better and wants to goto 80. So, my question is if I decide to go organic and have to use bigger pots will I have to buy a larger grow tent? Due to the plants possibility being larger as well?

  4. What is a good safe product to dechlorinate with? Ive used "dechlorinators" in the aquarium hobby alot. Made a veggie aquaponics tray and found that most chlorine locking products are made with a formaldehyde complex (NOT FOOD GRADE)

  5. Johnny's green extractions they grow soil they grow Hydro they make different types of hash, honey oils, edibles the brothers are extraction artist innovators and inventors of the green machine they also write and play great music that they put in their videos you could probably ask these guys about anyting they also they had a part to play in letting Canadians get their grow licenses quicker I think you'd enjoy interviewing them

  6. I've been growing cuttings we got for free from a local gardening/hardware store. They started out as branches about 6mm stem structure with 1 leaf tier,… its 2 months later from planting.. there coming along to their 3rd and 4th tiers and wondering, can/should they be topped like our mother mary plants?

    Would this tremendously increase the vegetative stage duration??

  7. Can anyone help me out?? I have some plants veging (suspected hermie genetic) and I have male pollen sacs showing, photos not autos, can anyone explain why or how this is happening?

  8. Mr. Grow It, have you used maxisun sf2000 lights or do you know of they are worth getting? First time growing and wanna get another tent to veg in while i flower in the one I have now. I'm currently running 2 mars hydro 600s and wanted to use those for veg and wanna upgrade to a decent flower light for under $300. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  9. I knew when Photosyntech mentioned the Doc Lady, he was going to say no to compost teas. And I do think people are taking the info and are drawing the wrong conclusion from what her study showed.
    I'm sure what the conclusion was that compost teas are not "Cost Effective" large scale when you take into account the labor. The two key terms are "large scale" and "cost-effective". There is a lot of labor to take in consideration when making, collecting and applying compost tea large scale. This study wasn't small scale. In this one aspect of the study, using compost tea doesn't really apply well to the home grower.

    I used to organic farm, not gardening. I made compost piles a hundred feet long and turned it with a front loader on my tractor. My compost tea tanks were 500 gallons. I bought Medina Horticulture molasses by 50 gal drums.
    I also applied my compost to my hay fields at the first of the season and after the second cutting. I also applied compost tea every two weeks, more often under dry conditions.
    Even though I had applied a layer of compost, there would be a boost in greenness and growth after an application. Even in very heavily composted areas, the turn around areas in the field, there would be a difference.
    Here's a point Photosyntech might want to consider. Yeah, we make tea from compost to extract the available nutes from the composting process. The other valuable asset we’re getting from the tea is the microbes. Well, we're farming them by adding molasses and brewing them! Why do guys add Recharge? Duh! Bacteria! Isn't making compost teas really really similar to using Recharge?
    Guess what? Using top dresses compost AND brewing compost teas WILL get you better results! Why in the hell would someone remove a valuable tool from a home grow? With Photosyntech trending to larger and larger pots, it SHOULD be a no-brainer to have a layer of compost in those huge pots and keep up with the compost teas.

  10. A reverse osmosis system wastes about 4 gallons of water per gallon made. If you use 3 gallons a day for drinking, cooking and internal consumption, that means you will waste about 12 gallons, making a reverse osmosis system about 25% efficient! Such a waste of a critical natural resource.

  11. I just started to seriously get into growing after a long few years dealing with seriously injuries that I've gone through decades of pain quite taking my meds and seriously need them but I Definitely didn't want to take something that controls me so I stuck with smoking and decided to this seriously and grow my own instead of making someone else pocket full of money but I got off track 🙃but I've got into raising worms and night crawlers now how much worm casting should be used

  12. New grower here. Does anybody know if you want aeration on the bottom, does it require you to place the fabric pot on aslightly raised surface with gaps for airflow or can you just it on concrete floor?


  13. Or even the minerals in the air from the humi sitting on leaves, staying through dry and cure and effecting the end smoke! This can explain a lot about my end flower…

  14. The tap water in humidifier greatly affects seedlings for water intake, i had this issue before and as soon as i switched to RO water in my humidifier the plants started to grow a lot better! They were being stunted as a result of too much white powder! I also had my fan blades caked in white powder and my carbon filter! Had to remove everything and clean it! It was a super pain in the ass and I don't recommend anyone use tap water in humidifier!

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