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Non Veg Breakfast Recipe | Easy Breakfast Recipes | Chicken Breakfast Recipes | Egg Breakfast Recipes | Chicken Stuffed Omelette | Scrambled Eggs …

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  1. You are the discovery of the day for me! I relate to your food aesthetic and choices. Great work, mate. Btw beautiful plate — grey with black leaves.

  2. Hello Varn Inamdaar Sir and I wanted to ask you is do you have your Hindi channel? If not then why don't you make one, it's good if you share your recipes for both the language coz me and one of my friend like your recipes but it's good if you can share your recipes in Hindi as well, I hope you will taking this as a suggestion from my side and nothing else 😊

  3. How is it possible that his vegetables look absolutely perfect??? I'm literally in awe…
    I mean they almost look soo good that it looks fake…where do u get ur veg chef?😂

  4. Hey Varun, you are awesome. My wife always likes to see me cooking. I generally cooked chicken dishes and as she is eggetarian i bored of making omlet for her. Your dishes gave a some good renovations to the eggs dishes. Thank you very much for these lovely recipes and presentation. One Like & Subscribe from me!!!!!

  5. Nice recipes, I do a lot of variations for my breakfast as well, I like how you communicate the process in just English instead of 2 different languages.. Thank you

  6. Varun sir u are an amazing cook . We respect you and your cooking skills and the details you provide takes your recipe to another level its like we are making these recipes .
    Just one request sir , Its Mumbai Not Bombay

  7. Don't you think the egg is over cooked ?
    May be you should have turned over the omelette – switched off the gas and the residual heat would have cooked the rest of the omelette and then folded in the veg ?
    Uncooked Kale can be very hard on the stomach when it is not cooked . My 2 cents . Thank you
    Nothing can beat an aloo paratha and an achar ! It is 2020 and Paratha takes over ! Not even a croissant and scrambled egg made by Jacques Torres

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