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Noodles and black bean sauce deluxe platter (Jaengban-jjajangmyeon 쟁반짜장면)

Hello everybody, it’s time for some noodles & black bean sauce! Full recipe: My latest cookbook, …

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  1. 화성 탐사선 Perseverance호 착륙 생방 기다리면서 망치님 영상들 보고 있어요
    아 너무 너무 맛있어보여요 (한국 시간 또 새벽입니다 ㅋㅋ)

  2. Love you beautiful souper star nk you are amazing awesome meak delicious yum beautiful food WOW incredible flavor test delicious yum God bless you and all your beautiful family nk I wish many many more years to come inshala God is with all of us amen yes indeed love peace layloma from Las Vegas love your beautiful cooking show my favorite dishes stay safe stay happy please love you. 🙏🌎✌😷💔💐💝👍💛🙌🌾🐞🥡🥠🐝💚

  3. no Korean store's here in Oregon State in America, I can not even find any of the main ingredients for some dishes, like Black Bean Paste, Rice Syrup or Barley Malt Powder

  4. 저 이거 오늘 만들어서 먹었어요 ㅎ 레시피 너무너무 감사합니다! 중국집에서 먹는거보다 훨씬 맛있어요 I made this recipe today! It was best recipe ever! It even tastes better than typical chinese-korean restaurants! I am really appreciated!

  5. Can I add more veggies or is it a strict 4oz of each? Sorry for dumb question..but sometimes a whole dish consistency can change if messed with.

  6. Dear Maangchi. You are such wonderful n stay young since 10 years ago. I was watching you every day when i was pregnant with my daughter 😂.now she is 9. what the recipes of your forever young 😂😂😂

  7. I love the way you talk so mesmerising, I watched all your videos, I loved it, always mouth watering.. in our state we don't have all these. Btw ma'am you still look young.

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