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NOT Oatmeal, No Tofu Scramble, or Smoothies! ☀️ VEGAN BREAKFAST IDEAS

Easy breakfast ideas for when you’re tired of oatmeal, tofu scramble, or a smoothie! PRINTABLE RECIPES BELOW Healthy Blueberry Breakfast Bake recipe …

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  1. The blueberry crumble is delicious😋 I tried it today and I’m so excited to introduce this to my 7 year olds who also loved it! New breakfast for us in rotation! Thank you!!!❤️

  2. I made both of your breakfast ideas. on the blueberry crumble, I used potato starch to make it gluten free. The vegetables scramble I used real sausage, because I'm not vegan. And season it with homemade sausage seasoning without sugar or sage. I'm a big fan in how everything came out. Thanks for the inspiration😊👍🏽

  3. I love to make your Blueberry Crumble.. I double the recipe for me and my kids.. but I was going to say I do leave out the almond/peanut/cashew butter and it still turns out perfect! So any one with a nut allergy can still enjoy this Blueberry Crumble as well!! Thank you so much for your delicious but very easy and cheap meal recipes!!!

  4. Mush one ripe banana
    1/4 cups of almond butter
    1/4 cups of maple syrup
    1 cup of oatmeal
    1/4 teaspoon of kosher salt
    1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon

    Mix together

    Optional: pecans or just nuts in general to make it crunchy (you could break them into small pieces)

    1 bag of frozen blue berries
    1 teaspoon of flour (cover the all the blue berries with the flour)

    Now put the mixture you put aside earlier and dump it on top of the blue berries and spread it around to cover the whole thing

    Bake at 375/190°C for 45 mins

  5. Thank you for all of you who are vegen but plz try to avoid avocados because they take a lot of water to grow so it is very harmful for our environment.
    Think about it.

  6. Ok I just made the ‘scramble’ and it’s BOMB especailly w hot sauce 👌🏻 thanks for this I was like completely having a crisis of not knowing what to eat this morning lol

  7. I made the Blueberry Breakfast Crumble and it’s amazingly delicious!!!! So good I’m making it to share with friends tomorrow. I’m sure it will be a hit with Nice Cream to top it off. Thanks Nikki for a lighter version of a yummy treat!

  8. That blueberries crumble tasted amazing 😍 I couldn't believe it was that easy and delicious.
    I didn't have maple syrup so used honey instead and used coconut flour instead regular one. I am loving my breakfast now😋 thank you for sharing ❤

  9. The scramble was definitely interesting. Will try. But the crumble thing is exactly what I’m trying to avoid, the whole sweets for breakfast things that vegans do a lot.

  10. We love your crumble & use it with what fruit we have — lime juice with chopped @apples, sweet potato or figs. Thawed frozen banana works too for the crumble — can't wait to try your other recipe! 💚

  11. I absolutely love your videos thank you so much! Would you possibly be able to make a video on how to cook oatmeal on the stove top? I’m trying to make thick but creamy oats. I haven’t been able to create it just right. Maybe tips on how to cook quick oats, rolled oats, stove top, microwave, toppings to use, do you use milk or water or both?! 🥰😂👏🏼 Oats are my favorite and I know there are so many different ways to cook them and even bake them!

  12. I made mulberry crumble today and I couldn't believe it! Such a delicious dessert for bf. A perfect way to start summer vacations. The sweetness and sourness, the crispiness and chewiness. everything was perfect. Thank you!!!

  13. 2 questions about the blueberry crumble

    1. Are the oats regular rolled oats? Are they soaked or used raw?
    .2. can I replace almond butter with peanut butter?

  14. I made the blueberry crumble. It was soooo yum and so healthy. I skipped the maple syrup to save calories and just used a really ripe banana… It was still yum. I will try will try with maple soon I am sure it will be even better. Thanks for sharing.

  15. I did the crumble (2 large pans) with sweet and tart cherries a year plus ago for a birthday sleepover and had to make a third one for those hungry little munchkins 😊. One made it a few times since with different fruits and it has always been outstanding.

  16. Hi Nikki. I am allergic to bananas (yes,,, this really is a serious allergy) so do you have any suggestions as a replacement in the breakfast crumble to bind ingredients together? Yogurt?

  17. Hi Nikki, new Subbie here, so I made the white bean veggie scramble, I made it for dinner. I absolutely love it. I tweaked it a bit, I used impossible meat, I added onions and sage seasoning too. This maybe my go to meal! Thanks for sharing!

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