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NOURISHING TRADITIONS DIET | TRADITIONAL COOKING METHODS // What is a nourishing traditions diet? How does it improve health? Let’s take a look at …

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  1. I have all of her books. I suggest them all. Starting with "Nourishing Fats".
    Weston A Price's "Nutrition and physical degeneration" is a great book to own in your collection.
    Keep it up! <}"

  2. This is very specific, but I am not only wanting to become confident making sourdough, but sourdough with whole einkorn flour that has been sprouted. I sprout any einkorn wheat berries, dehydrate and then mill into flour. In my experience, the dough can be very thick this way and hard to work with. I do all this for the dough/flour to be the healthiest.

  3. I am definitely looking forward to your series on this book, I am trying to learn the methods from this book and videos would really help me! I could really use some videos on sourdough, and ferments.

  4. That's great! Looking forward to seeing your new videos. I have Nourishing Traditions. I picked it up a year ago and made a few recipes then life got busy and I kinda swept it under the rug. Anyway I'm going to get it out and dust it off! I would like to see how you make sour cream. I believe that's what you put on your baked apples? Anyway. Thank you for your videos!

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