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NYE 2021 How to cook a Scorpion Tomahawk Steak | Creekstone Prime Ribeye | BBQ Champion Harry Soo

New Here? Hi! I’m Harry Soo, a Grand Champion pitmaster from in Diamond Bar, near Los Angeles. Welcome to my vlogs, BBQ product reviews, travel …

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  1. The steak looked great, love the potatoes with the peppers, never done the whole pepper that way, usually cut them up. Will definitely try, will that work well with a T-bone steak.

  2. Nice one Hazza. Looks delicious. Did Mr Beans try and find somewhere to bury that bone?
    I dogsat my sister's poodle recently and got a cow thighbone for her from the butcher.
    She couldn't lift it, had to drag it. The lil horror snarled at me when I got too close after she'd been on it for about an hour lol. She gave up trying to bury it. Happy new year mate. cheers.

  3. Soo Sifu: That was a great presentation and cookout! Seeing Mr. Beans “Swallow” the cuts of meat, and continuously chomping the bone, proves that it was really delicious! Looking forward to seeing your next creation, soon! Keep-up the great work, Sifu! Much aloha and 🧧! 🤙

  4. Hey Harry, love your video's mate, but this one I reckon could use some feedback.

    The reason to butterfly such an amazing steak is to double up on the amount of outer surface area and create double the amount of delicious maillard reaction crusts that make steaks one of the best proteins to eat! In this video though you didn't take advantage of that opportunity an only seared 2 of the 4 available sides.

    I've also never understood why you competition guys in the US create grill marks which can taste bitter and burned. They also neglect to get a good sear on the sections of steak in between the grill marks. In my opinion the best steaks have an amazing thick dark brown crust that you just cant get with the grill plates, its gotta be directly over scorching hot charcoal. Also when you front sear instead of reverse searing you miss out on the opportunity to have the steaks suck in a bunch of melted butter during the rest as the fibres relax and allow the juices to redistribute throughout the steak.

    I won't make any jokes about the pellet grill there's enough criticism in this comment LOL. Anyways I'm sure it still tasted good, it is a prime steak after all with great seasoning and mouth watering MSG! Just thought those few details may have taken it to the next level. Keep up the good work mate and stay healthy. Much love from Australia!

  5. Does the grill grate really make a better product than the normal grate over the hot coals? I would assume that the grill grates really reduce the actual radiant searing vs. the conductive searing.

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