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NYE 2021 What's a Scorpion Tomahawk Steak | El Cortez Meat Market CA | BBQ Champion Harry Soo

New Here? Hi! I’m Harry Soo, a Grand Champion pitmaster from in Diamond Bar, near Los Angeles. Welcome to my vlogs, BBQ product reviews, travel …

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  1. It's so weird to me when I see guys pull the knife's edge towards themselves to sharpen, it works exactly the same the other way and you won't accidentally gut yourself.
    I blame gordan ramsey.

  2. I grew up in that neighborhood. I still live there and I only buy my meat from El Cortez. I love that place, some amazing people working there and my mom used to be a cashier back in the 80's

  3. Soo Sifu: Thank you for introducing us to this butcher shop! The butcher who did your steak worked expertly! Hope you, and the family, are having a grand time on this new year day! Best wishes for a brighter new year! Much 🧧, Sifu!

  4. Great looking shop Harry. So when do we see the cook. And this is embarrassing to ask but why scorpion cut? I like a great ribeye, and enjoy the nice thick cut of a tomahawk. But other then just doing something different is there any advantage quality wise to doing this or is it mostly presentation. Enjoy the rest of this year. Ahhh, the promise of a new year, can't wait. 😃👍🎉

  5. Thank you Harry for all the 2020 vids and recipes! Hope 2021 brings us many more of your inspiring BBQ love! Happy New Year to you, your family and the star of many vids, Mr. Beans!

  6. More people need to support local meat markets instead of the supermarkets and big box stores. I m moving just outside of Vegas in two months and the first thing I researched was butchers/meat markets. If anyone is from Henderson/Vegas are and know of a good place let me know. Thanks Harry.

  7. There must be a dense population count around given that quantity of quality meats to have the turnover enough to sell it before spoilage and not lose money on beyond sale date inventory. Nice.

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