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OMG! You Wont Believe This Dumpster Diving JACKPOT FREE LAUNDRY DETERGENT!

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  1. Amazing how much is just thrown away and discarded. Very sad since underprivileged people can use these essentials . If these stores just found an outlet for distribution other than a dumpster the country would be a lot better place .

  2. Hello..it's my first time to watch your. Vlog..I suggest you should wear a globes to protect your hands while you grabbing,opening those boxes in to the dumbster for your protection you don't even know if there is a broken glass.

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  4. That's amazing. I was so excited 4yall with this haul. Yes get u a swiffer and get some of the swiffer dry cloths. U will love. They work wonders 4 pet hair. I love them. Take care 🙂 kim0

  5. Please be very very careful about how many gummy bears you eat at one time. Albany’s e gummy bears have been documented to give you very bad diarrhea. As long as you don’t eat a whole lot at one time, it will just keep you going but not keep you on the pot all day.

  6. I met a guy who would knew the time that the local grocery store would toss out food products. He said how he often finds frozen bread dough that is still good and can be baked into fresh bread. He also finds frozen meats, some of which he keeps for himself and the rest gets cooked into food for his dogs. And all the fruit/vegetables that aren't ok to be eaten get either fed to his hogs or put into the compost pile.

  7. My attitude went from: I can't believe people actually salvage stuff from dumpsters!.
    To: I can't believe people actually throw such great stuff into dumpsters, it's awesome that folks are salvaging it!

  8. Wow… the stuff stores toss is ridiculous. Good haul!!! At $1 each, you’ll be the next dollar store! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 you might want to wear gloves, not the surgical ones, the working man gloves.

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