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ONE SKILLET SPAGHETTI & MEAT SAUCE RECIPE | Whats For Dinner | #stayhome and cook #withme

ONE SKILLET SPAGHETTI & MEAT SAUCE RECIPE. I love cooking spaghetti & meat sauce all in one skillet. *For today’s recipe and many more, click below to …

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  1. I am doing dishes so much being home more often so I need more one pot meals! Going to try this one for sure. The garlic toast looks delicious too!! Thank you for sharing! Hope you and your family are safe and healthy! 🤗💕

  2. I have to go change my shirt. I have drooled all over it watching this video!!! It looks so good. Definately going to try this. Thanks so much for your many wonderful videos

  3. Oh yes!! 😋 Gotta love one pot meals!! And I've made garlic bread this way many times when I didn't have the frozen kind. Cause you gotta have garlic bread with spaghetti!! 😁

  4. Wonderful one pot dish! I remember putting elbow macaroni in the sauce. Sooo delicious! All the sides look amazing too. Fast , easy to make and everything is in my pantry!!!👍😋🍞🧀🍽 garlic bread! Yum!

  5. Did you bake or broil the toast? Where did you purchase the wooden slotted type spoon? I've been looking for one. Needed smella youtube! Looks yummy. Have a beautiful day. <3

  6. Never have I thought about making a one pot meal with my spaghetti….for sure will try this out my next time making….and I'm a corn and spaghetti kinda girl. Loved seeing the garlic bread being made.

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