Organic Cooking

Organic Farming: Produce and Poultry | G2T 213

On today’s Garden to Table show, host P. Allen Smith will discuss organic farming from produce to poultry to dinning. Allen will give tips on vegetable …

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  1. Thanks for the info on the Hampshire breed I was not familiar with them. I always enjoy your segments on your various farm animals. You have such a beautiful farm.

  2. Your food looks and sounds amazing. I prefer vegetarian foods for the most part. I’m going to try broccoli like that. And I’m in love with your voice thanks Allen

  3. It’s interesting how people in North America cook their meat to me it looks very raw I couldn’t eat it like that but, I guess it’s about preference and traditions maybe I loved the video specially the chicken When we retire we plan to buy a little bit of land and put some chicken in it. We grow up with animals and miss that life

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