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Organic Fertilizers – My Top 5 Choices For 2021!

Organic vs Synthetic Chemical Fertilizers. For me, there’s no question that Organic, slow-release, complete fertilizing solutions is the best way to feed our …

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  1. Thank you, like one of the other viewers you just answered a question on how often I should apply these amendments to my veggie pots. Thank goodness as I was about to add some more alfalfa to them. My fall plants are doing great having made my own potting mix following your method.

  2. Awesome that you are growing without animal inputs, veganic is the way forward πŸ‘ oh, and I have never tried canola meal. thanks for the recommendation, that’s really high in nitrogen for an organic fertilizer. Very cool!

  3. Hi, have you tried growing watermelons before? If you have or you would like to in the future, could you do some videos on them? I really like the way you explain things, you are very informative.

  4. Hi. long time no see 😊
    I was in my cave during winter time😊
    I really missed your videos.
    What about Rock Dust? Last year I bought R D but not sure if can be substitute for any of the amendments items in this video .
    Any idea ? Thank you

  5. hello ;, i am planning to use pure compost with a very little native soil in it . but ; the compost is not completly finisched , that maen specialy the woody matirials and now and then a few patatopeels ;
    is that dagerous to use it for mi courgettes with i gonne plant in tires behind my house on a padio , and ; does work that anyway in big suv tires anyway ? i cant place them in the garden becouse i have to plit mi garden in two because my dog need his part too . a answere on this should be a big help . i was also planning to fertelise the courgettes like all the rest i do with my plant with a liquid fertilizer based on plants like falaffel and cumfrey . thank you so much for wat you offer in this and all youre other videos jp

  6. Thanks so much for this. I have been searching for non animal fertilizer! Have you heard of phytoplankton as liquid fertilizer? I need something for my seedlings. Thoughts?

  7. Great tips as always, Jeff. πŸ‘Β 
    I've been making my own compost & mulch for a few years now, and I've been meaning to incorporate seaweed into my garden for those trace elements…to see what difference it might make. I'm only 15 minutes from Birch Bay, WA, where my wife & I like to kayak. I always seem to forget to bring a bucket or bag to collect seaweed though. The last time we went I thought about just piling some seaweed into my kayak…then I thought no, I don't want that smelly mess in my boat…should I pile it into her boat instead? That would be a bad plan. Maybe I'll just make a special trip to collect some seaweed. 🀣

  8. Night my friend! I like to just throw all the organic food scraps like banana peels, orange peels and, egg shells and many more things I just throw in a bin with worms and then just close the lid and voila! Compost is ready! And I have a funny thing to tell ya if you're interested…
    Oh and sea weeds are the best!

  9. Sorry I missed the premiere today we had a power outage so we went to visit the farm where I am getting 2 dump truck loads of beautiful well aged manure this week. Soooo happy I will be able to plant out things next weekend in at least one of my gardens.

  10. Thanks for the great video! I'm a new gardener this year and I also live in Canada – the only compost I'm able to find in stores is mushroom compost, shrimp compost and manure compost. Do you know which one would be best, or where I could find more traditional compost? Thanks for your help!

  11. Perfect timing for this. Learning organic fertilizer and soils now. Just got 6 yards certified organic soil down in 4 new raised beds. Question when should I add more to this new soil?

  12. Hi Jeff, when you was showing the peace from the store of different types of fertilizers I seen a bottle of liquid molasses fertilizer what would that be good for, I have about a 100lbs of dehydrated molasses granules could a person use that as fertilizer?

  13. Best video yet Jeff – love it! Learning about our soil and how to feed it is the foundation to growing. I'm a retired 74 year old and had I still been growing larger scale I'd definitely follow your advice on those additives. I've always used compost, and always on top like Mother Nature does in her forests but now I'm tiny scale I'm cheating by using organic chicken manure pellets as my only additive to containers and new beds. One of the most popular beands here not only contain chicken manure but also blood and bone, fish meal and seaweed. Tes, they contain lots of animal products but being heat treated in the manufacturing process, I feel they're safe. But..considering I'm vegetarian for animal welfare reasons, perhaps I should consider sourcing plant only based pellets. I love this video I'm attaching and I use wherever appropriate in my FB Better Growing group comments – trying to spread the good oil on the soil food web and how our plants are fed and to complement your way of gardening.

  14. Thanks! Lots of great info. I’m saving it to my list so I can refer back to it.
    I’m glad you feel the same about not wanting to use cow poo on your vegetables. I was wondering if I was weird or something because everyone loves cow dung but me. Haha

    I’m using organic mushroom compost this year. I never hear anyone talk about using this for veggies. I hope they turn out okay.

  15. Excellent. Not sure I understand the "animal based" deal – so, no egg shells? No coffee grounds? I use the stinky fish stuff. Seems to work for me. Got Cherokee Purples, that look like they were grown on Mars. Had to coerce the Boss to try them. Now, her favorite tomatoes. Thanks again for an informative vid. I always learn something.

  16. This is only my 2nd year trying to grow vegetables and flowers for pollinators. I made probably every noob mistake possible and little success except for peppers and cucumbers last year. I now started using 1/3 each of peat moss, compost and 1/3 of some regular garden soil and pearlite. I started incorporating worm castings, kelp meal, azomite and bone meal with some Dr. Earth 3-2-2 slow release in my mix and water with fish emulsion every 3-4 weeks.I hope that is a satisfactory recipe?

  17. One of my favorite organic fertilizers is rabbit poop. For years I have raised rabbits and have always used their droppings in my garden. Even when I was a kid growing up at the old homestead/farm, I loved raising rabbits.

  18. I compost along good quality topsoil with loads of organic matter. However I too live near water, the Bay of Fundy, and I'm going to try my hand at making seaweed tea. πŸ™‚

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