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Organic Gardening: My Garden Seeds for 2020

My first gardening video of the 2020 new year……with a NEW Playlist added to my channel called Organic Gardening 2020! This video shows my organic seed …

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  1. Heather I use to work at a nursery in mo.if you get the blue snapdragons they will be perineal and bloom all year long.also white saliva and blue saliva, the red is a annual. Lavender is a perennial.

  2. Hi heather just watched your video on your seeds, I h as ve many put up to,and when I cut bell peppers I save the seed and put them on a paper towel, and in 1 daythey are dryed and I put them in a bottle. I have Kentucky green beans put up,they taste great. Keep doing your videos I get good information from your videos. You are an amazing woman you clarify everything very well.i been praying for you and your family through this crisis. Take care heather and God bless

  3. You will love the burgaundy bush beans. They are my new favorite. I will be mainly planting these, along with Tanya's pink podded bean (also amazing) and Blue Lake.

  4. Just get a big fluffy make-up brush for polenating the squash etc. Grow some flowers at the ends or corners of your RB's Zinnia and Marigolds are great, and Calendula, they will attract the polinaters for you, plus you'll have cut flowers for your home especially the zinnia's.
    I grew an Asparagus Bean gets 17-20 inches long and are great to eat at the garden and stir fry. Marygold's are good for planting in the veg garden, they help with nematodes.

  5. Hi Heather, beautiful selection of plants! A little tip from one gardener to another- lavender is a major draw for bees. Plant it near your garden where you need those pollinators. Don’t plant it near where your family will sit and eat (the patio). Love you, stay well!

  6. Thank you for the video! I live in an area that also has a short grow season and we can’t plant out until June either. You have given me the motivation to try at least a few plants this year. Thanks!

  7. Absolutely we want to see you starting your seeds! (You know we want to see it all…lol.) You mentioned that you can't plant your garden until about June 1st. Normally, here in NW Illinois, we can "usually" plant around May 15 or slightly after. Last year, we got rained out, and it was June 1st before we could plant. Had a good garden, anyway, though. Forgive me if I missed it, but if you plan on making dill pickles, consider growing some dill. There is nothing like fresh dill for your pickles!

  8. I feel the same about buying our Michigan seeds. Like you I plan on visiting the store. I would love to meet ya and maybe go to lunch. If you would like to send me a message. I also am putting in my second year garden, after all my kids grew up I took a long break.

  9. Look at northern seclusion channel on you tube. They have a chicken coop restoration project. Actual name of video: the farmhouse the chicken coop restoration begins. the other one is how to build a roost. Name of video the farmhouse chickens get a roost. Hope these help or give you ideas. There is other stuff on videos but watch for the chickens. Also his wife has a channel called as the rooster crows and she cooks Louisiana and keto type foods.

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