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Oscar Winner PARASITE Movie’s JJAPAGURI (RAMDON) VEGAN Recipe & Mukbang // Munching Mondays Ep.49

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  1. Want to make this yourself? I bought my noodles at my local Korean supermarket (always check ingredients list). Here are the vegan friendly ones I found online (different from what I used but this is what I could find).

    ★ Black Bean Noodles
    US –
    Canada –

    ★ Spicy Noodles (you can add more spice because this one's a bit mild)
    US –
    Canada –

    ★ Kelp Powder
    US –
    Canada –

  2. The burger patties do take longer to be digested. Protein in general does this, so you'll feel fuller for longer on protein-rich diets.

  3. I watched it last night and loved it. There were a few things that I think were lost in translation but that's to be expected. Overall though it was super entertaining and intresting.

  4. I watched Parasite this weekend and it was the BEST movie I’ve seen in a very long time. So good. I already want to watch it again.

  5. I am the same way with the beyond burger. My digestive system is very sensitive and the burger sits heavy like a rock in my tummy. I think it is the fat content or maybe the way it is processed.

  6. One of my fav quotes from the movie – this is not a spoiler and also sorry i am not korean!! – was "WTF IS RAM-DON?" I laughed so hard, although I'm not sure which translation/subtitles would have been more correct, other versions simply have the character saying "What is Jjapaguri?"

  7. Hi Rose I'm a big fan and would hate to think of you being upset by this comment. Thing is I wanted to ask a favor.. in editing could you please leave text up long enough to read it at a leisurely pace. Sure I'm capable of using the pause button but it's a different and less satisfying experience. Anyway love your channel.. that looks yummmy. All the best:)

  8. When you really want to try something but there are literally no shops in your area selling the ‘right’ noodles… we have an Asian import shop an hour away, but it’s mostly Thai, Japanese and a few korean sauces 😢🥺 wish someone ANYONE would show how to make this home-made, not from a packet 😩

  9. The sounds and crunches you make when you’re chewing instantly causes me to salivate. I will see the movie now that we will be stuck home. I will try this recipe too. Where are you from? How is beyond meat? If you do t mind if I ask if you have a full breakfast and lunch, and what do you eat? I bought the bubbly from Amazon.

  10. Tbh and FYI, you could have talked about the movie and put "spoilers" in the title. If I wanted to discuss a movie, I probably would have anyway. People will still have access to this video after they see the movie.

  11. I think if you wanted to make it in 8 minutes, you’d have to start with the water already boiling, and maybe also pre-prep the ingredients so all you had to do was put them in:)

  12. 안녕 Rose 언니! I get to see my family on Jeju once a year but I cancelled my flight when 5,500 Koreans had been confirmed; now Korea is @ 7,775 cases & 60 deaths… Although there has not been an outbreak yet on the Island, everyone stopped shopping for nonessentials back in February – I fear many small shops will go out of business before this is over :/

  13. Mine was hands down Jojo Rabbit. I watched it 4 times. But I’ve never seen Parasite yet. I might watch it later tonight though . 👍😃

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