OUR ANNIVERSARY VLOG | Airbnb | Restaurant Revolution Review | Our Last Night in New Orleans #vlog

Aloha YouTube Ohana, We are so happy to share this Vlog with you all! We are celebrating our 2 year Anniversary in the same …

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  1. Welcome back to our Subscribers♥️! Welcome, if you are new to our channel, we hope you join the movement soon! We are Sean and Ebony, and we live in our 2004 self-converted Ford Econoline E350 Extended.

    In this Vlog you get to share a very special moment with us..Our Anniversary. After two years together in a relationship, we find ourselves back where we had our first date/week. New Orleans, where we had the best Holiday Season leading up to this Day.

    We stayed in the Red Room in the Fleur De Lis Mansion. The facility has a Full Kitchen, a Media room, and a jacuzzi/hot tub. This Airbnb is an adults only BnB.

    Restaurant R’evolution is a huge staple in New Orleans, and now we know why. From the Death by Gumbo, to the Redfish and Waygu Short ribs & Lobster. The service and ambience was immaculate. We sat in the red corner booth seats, and it was so perfect and romantic.

    We appreciate the time you take to watch our videos, and truly hope you are enjoy them.

  2. The Smiles on Your Faces are just PRICELESS 💓💓🥳Thank You Both for sharing and making me hungry 🤤 😂. Stay safe 😷😷keep holding hands and praying together 🙏🏽

  3. Aww, congratulations on your 2 year anniversary 💖❤💕. You two have an amazing good start with communication; which is the key to a really great relationship 😊. My hubby and I are always talking about life and getting to know each other. Enough of me, so the both of you never stop saying I Love You to each other, even when you have a disagreement; so important to say I'm sorry 😞 and never ever go to bed mad at your soul mate. Your such a cute couple. 😍

  4. This was such a WONDERFUL Video!Thanx for sharing Y’alls Anniversary with us!As of now I’m caught up on All of Y’alls videos!My only sibling passed away,he was 60 y/o & 3 1/2 years younger than me,our Parents & my Husband had already passed away,my Husband & my Daddy both passed away January 2018.My Husband 1/2/18 & my Daddy 1/31/18.(my Mother passed 5/17/16)So,I’m not liking January right now,but Girl U & Sean had me cracking up on the stuck in the desert video!Have a lil trouble finding things funny enough to really crack me up in my time of sorrow!Y’all are such a fun couple,Y’all make me smile,Y’all are AWESOME!Been a minute since I commented but,I Love Y’alls channel,Y’alls content is really Greaaaat!Also,I’m a little biased because my Hubby & I were a mixed couple in the 1980s,we got together in 1985 & got married in 1990.Things were different back then but we didn’t care,we fell deeply in Love & wild horses couldn’t have kept us apart,if U click on the lil pic of us above U can see a pic taken not too long before he passed away.I miss him & I Enjoy Watching Youtubers like Y’all & others so HAPPY & so in Love!!!❤️💙

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