Our May Update – Transatlantic Cruise + Barcelona + Sitges, Spain House Sit + How Much We Spent!

Friends, whoa. This is BY FAR the longest video we’ve ever created. So many viewers wanted to know what we thought about our …

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  1. Hi friends!! Right on time, our ship is heading out of Ibiza. What a TOTALLY different kind of cruise experience this current one is from our transatlantic one we chatted about in this video. Interesting that the same ship can be so different.

    Here’s the referral link we mentioned for Viator. If you’re booking any tours or excursions, check them out. Let us know if you book any fun stuff!

    Off we go to new ports of call!

    Hasta luego,

  2. I love how you both are just living your best life and it shows. Your recent videos have renewed my itch for a transatlantic cruise. I look forward to your video about the next cruise you’re on! Have a blast!

  3. As a spanish, i have to comment that shops are not closed for siesta. Nobody has time for siesta in Spain unless they are on holidays. That is a myth!! Shops have long working hours from 8-9 to 1:30pm and then workers have to go back home for lunch or have it somewhere and we dont have sandwiches for lunch, we have a 3 course meal. Then workers have to go back to shops until 9 or 10pm and head back home for dinner. Its a long working day for small shops.

  4. Looking forward to see video of your upcoming ports of call. Your meetups look like. Lot of fun. Question: at these meetups,do you have a blanket policy of no discussions related to politics? I ask because it’s no secret that some expats ( US expats in particular) carry the baggage of toxic polarization and divisive ideology with them. Curious how you avoid potentially explosive encounters.

  5. Hi Guys. We're in the Canadian wilderness!! We bought a camper van and are nomading around Ontario tin June until we head out to the Maritimes this summer. I'm booking Spain for next spring and we are IHG all the way so I'm thrilled you had a great experience and I will book with confidence-thanks! Tim, my first real travel hack is getting a CIBC COSTCO Mastercard on an introductory basis that gives us 3% back on gas as well as 2% cash back on Costco stuff we will use when furnishing our condo in Mexico next winter. We don't have quite the variety you have in the US so I try to choose wisely. Safe travels to you both.

  6. Love your hair, Amy. Your daughter is gorgeous. I was so happy to see the US lifted the COVID testing requirements for return travel. Looking forward to next month's update.

  7. Loved this! We are going to do a trans-Atlantic cruise next year so appreciate your insights. Did you mention the liner or did I miss that? Curious which one you went on. Also curious why you didn't ask the hotel to hold your luggage and spend the 4 hours walking around the city or something rather than stay in the lobby. Really enjoyed the clips of others too…think you're onto something there!

  8. What an excellent video! Glad you are “getting” why we prefer cruising to flying. Comfort, jet-lag, making friends, the glories of sea days. We don’t do buffets ourselves, preferring the MDR for our two meals a day. And, yeah, all cruise internet sucks. We generally log in every other day to download email, etc.

    We have a 3-bedroom place in Valencia (El Poblets) and Barcelona for a month each next year. Valencia will be new to us. Glad to hear you liked it.

    And don’t beat yourself up—May was the first month in two years ever we actually were within budget. And only because off-season Andorra was cheap with few restaurants open!

  9. Laundry service can be expensive on cruise ships until you get to a loyalty level that gives it to you for free. I hand wash my dirty clothes daily in the bathroom sink with the provided hand soap. After washing, I roll my clothes in a towel to get as much moisture out then hang to dry. I find that doing my dirty laundry daily is not that big of a chore since I have around 3 items to clean.

  10. Hola, Lots of great information! We loved Valencia so much, we are 99% sure that it will be our retirement destination. To be fair covid-19 kicked lots of plans, but as you roll into a more stable global environment, you are seeing your planning hit closer to budget. The excitement in your voices tells it all! And who would not watch till the end???? Travel safe, adios for now!

  11. Lol…the underwear… this happened to us years ago on Princess. We had free laundry service, but their dryer completely melted the elastic. If you ever get back to the Valencia area, go to Denia and Javea. We rented a car stayed in an Airbnb in Javea our first week of retirement and then went to Valencia the second week. Lots of beautiful country!

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